walking into the unknown: designing events with intention

The bride asked for a simple and classic design. We incorporated scented garden roses with roses and touches of jasmine vine for that delicate touch or greenery. Calligraphy by Jenny @ A Fine Flourish

The bride asked for a simple and classic design. We incorporated scented garden roses with roses and touches of jasmine vine for that delicate touch or greenery. Calligraphy by Jenny @ A Fine Flourish

Copying what we have done in our daily lives works well for most things. I tend not to reinvent how I take a shower, make my bed or brush my teeth. As we have created efficient methods that have become routine.

Designing weddings and events can fall into the same patterns. I have been guilty of this, as it also can help with efficiency and ease. And shall I say that it allows clients to feel comfortable that we are not taking risks with their special event.

On the other hand, bringing in a couple elements that might have never been introduced before can not only make your client feel special, but create intention with design. New design elements reminds us that each one of our clients is unique and that all our designs have them at the forefront of creation.

To our future clients, allow us to take some risks and meld that into what you feel comfortable with. The combination of both allows for the most beautiful events we have ever created.


fine art flower designer


When establishing what type of designer I would evolve to become I distinctly remember wanting to combine my previous world of fine art with my current work of flowers. I studied various forms of painting while growing up, as my mother was not only very fond of keeping me as busy as possible but she too was an artist. Summer was jammed packed full of art classes and ballet workshops.

I currently still see both of my parents create art. My house has a piece of their work in almost every room.

After working for a fine art gallery in Houston after college, I started to understand the community and their dynamics. It taught me that patience, consistent practice and an undercurrent of maddening passion is required to be successful in art community. Fast forward 10 years and here we are. Never in my wildest dreams could I have dreamt this big.

Owning a business that is solely focused on creating floral art work is exactly where I was meant to be. I now know and fully understand that all those small steps that life gave me lead me here. One day opening a magazine and seeing our work as the advertisement for The Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

For my art to be highlighted by this institution might be one of the highlights of my career. Because saying you’re an artist and being acknowledged by the Fine Arts community are two completely different things. Am I right?

Here is the one page spread and bellow are some images from the gorgeous shoot we designed.

Photography by Marni Wishart Photography

a fall wedding color palette

I have to admit I have not been a huge fan of the traditional Fall color palettes. What comes to mind are the oh so typical orange, yellow and reds that have been combined in the most painful of ways. In 2018 I was determined to change my view and make Fall fun again.


So off I went to explore color tones that were traditionally seen in weddings and combined them with the best of what Fall has to offer. I grabbed some copper tones with some soft mauvey blushes and mixed them with some seasonal textures that when combined made my heart skip a beat.

We just got these images from the super talented Jen Dillenger and could not wait to share them with you. She captured these flowers perfectly and we are so proud of how everything turned out.

Event planner: Jennifer Lawrence of JLow Events

Venue: Chandelier Grove


getting inspired through travel


We had to get away. Going on three months straight with out a day off can have its toll on you. The grind can own you. It’s bizarre, but it can get addicting.

To step away can be scary at times as business ownership is very demanding. And at times we might make it feel more demanding than it is when we are feeling overwhelmed. What I have realized this happens more often when we don’t take time off.

It is so rare that we get weeks without weddings, particularly this past year, that sneaking a last minute trip was the only way we could make it happen.

So why not Paris. It had been on my list for a while and couldn’t believe I had made it this far without going. So Chris, my fiance, surprised me with the idea and 7 days before we jumped on the airplane, we got on our computers and booked the trip.

Spontaneity is one of my love languages. I feel the need to make things happen when they are not planned helps keep me young and excited about the endless possibilities of life.


I brought my camera and only took it out on some adventures. I can get all consumed with taking pics and not living in that particular moment that I need to edit the times I bring her. Here are some of the pics that I had to share with you, and only hope you can enjoy them as much as I did.

The ones posted are some from around Paris, and mostly on a day trip we took to Versailles.


a winter palette revisited: adding blush to the all white table scape


We sure do love an all white event. We are a sucker for a classic look as it allows us to concentrate on details and textures that we love. But there is always room in these classic color palettes to add a little touch of the unexpected.

In the wedding industry we see blush all the time. But have you seen in at an event, private dinner or Holiday party? It’s a rare day. So we though we would bring you inspiration on how to add a small touch that won’t send us to the super feminine side and yet give an all white table scape a bit of a facelift.

Here are three easy ways to add a touch of color to your holiday party.


Let the textures be in the color scheme you are wanting to highlight

We created these arrangements in all white and green and allowed the accents of berries to be in blush. This snuck in the color with out overwhelming the color palette. We also added an unexpected blush/copper texture that we then used through out the decor. These sprayed fern were such a beautiful touch that we then manicured for the place settings.



Add a touch of color in your candles

There are so many color palettes that are not able to be created due to availability of flowers, or even quality of the product we receive. Candles are a guaranteed splash a color that can be added with no fuss.



Add a fabric overlay via a table runner of soft fabric that can be placed over the table.

Adding a layer of fabric on top of the linen helps create an ethereal look that we love. It’s soft and romantic and allows us to add that touch of color. For this specific look we bunched up areas while also allowing the fabric to gently hang of either sides, the front and the back.