It's Dahlia season! Okay, it's been in season for several weeks now, but I am just starting to realize how much I love the Dahlia.  After reading up on these beauties I have found the following fun facts:
  • Dahlia's are the national flower of Mexico
  • They range in height, from 12in to 8ft and the flower heads can come as large as 1 foot in diameter, about the size of a dinner plate
  • It is said that ancient Aztecs used dahlia flowers to treat epilepsy.
  • There are over 270,000 species of Dahlias.
The Dahlia's blooming season falls between early spring and early fall, so hurry up and enjoy some of the Dahlias, they won't be here for too much longer.  And quite honestly, the reason I was inspired to write this today was due to the amazing Dahlias that are currently available, they have been the best of the season!

Here is a special arrangement that was made yesterday for a favorite customer.  I am currently trying to convince him to send flowers before he has to apologize....