I very frequently get asked: What's your favorite flower?  Here is my top 5, and reasons they each have a place in my heart.

5. Flowering Branches

Not technically one flower as there are many blooming branches, but on my! These bad boys are just a mystical and romantic flower.  Combining the masculinity of the wood element of a branch and the soft and feminine element of the bloom, the blooming brach has the best of both worlds. A little tricky to use in bouquets, but can be used in all different sized arrangements and particularly by themselves in a large vase is my fav.  Pictured bellow is a flowering Quince branch.

4. Tulip

I recently fell in love with the parrot tulip, if you don't know her give her a quick Pinterest search, you will be happy you did.  But all her sisters and brothers, the California tulip, French Tulip, feathered tulips and a many large variety of other tulips are just as divine.  A favor them alone in a vase or in larger arrangements to give a soft hanging feel.  

3. Garden Rose

Oh this guy.  She's had a bit of a comeback in the past couple years after some high-end floral designers decided to bring them back.  Thank God! With dozens of varieties and sizes, from spray roses to full size blooms the garden rose is a British classic.  Romantic, soft, and a year around pleasure.  Perfect in a bouquet or a centerpiece this guy is a keeper.

2. Ranunculus

This delicate gem is truly like no other.  The variety of such soft billowy colors and sharp bright ones is something of the likes of a Dutch Master's painting.  Completely out of this world.  I love to work with these in bride's bouquets and smaller intimate table arrangements as their dainty size can unfortunately get lost in larger arrangements.  Available all year around 

1. Peony 

This insane flower is just as beautiful as it gets.  The fragrance, the petal count and the variety of colors is why this one wins the #1 place.  It has such a gorgeous metamorphosis from a tall ball the size of a large marble to a full bloom in the size of a grapefruit, it truly is one of natures true beauties.  Only down side, it's only available two times a year, November-December & May-June.  (Sometimes if the season has been amazing those dates extend to other months)