So.. we highly encourage our brides to get their Pinterest action on! Yes!! We love when brides have some inspiration and have collected images that inspire the tone of their big day.  Once the bride links us to these boards we can get on the same page and develop the ideas further.  

But do you ever wonder what you actually get?  Well here it is. We got our inspiration images, the brides special requests and our personal touch and expertise... we combined all that glory and her you have it.  Take a look:

Inspiration Images

She was looking for a very girly, pink, roses and hydrangea wedding.  When I would inquire for more she would just respond with a giggle and say "PINK!".  She was channeling her inner 16 year old girl that had envisioned this wedding all her life.  I loved her sincerity and her sheer joy of getting married was palpable and I couldn't wait to translate her version of that into floral designs.

Actual Wedding Images

So her fiancé wouldn't kill her, I added some accents of 'masculine' tones.  Such as the antique hydrandea, which I knew the bride loved.  There were strict instructions to not use any greenery.

Let me end this by saying Pinterest is not the end all be all of wedding inspiration or event planning/styling.  It helps.  BUT we love when a bride comes in just as excited to let us start with a blank slate.  We have had a couple of those weddings and we will soon write a post about one of those. So, stay tuned.