What a whirl wind of events this Spring time has brought me. And we made it out alive!! And to think, this past weekend was my first weekend off since January! Yes!!! It's true.  At times I thought I might loose my mind and at other times I thought I was a worrier princess.  :-)  But when it all slowed down and really got a chance to reflect, all I thought was WOW! what an amazing life I have.  

I have an amazing career, clients, friends, vendors and new employee that joined me for the ride. I am one lucky lady.  And will gladly say that 'lucky' only because I have worked my tail off to make it all happen.   SO I know I have been so far behind, but there is so much to catch you up on.  

First, let me show you this beauty.  Deim & Gary were one of the kindest, trusting couples I had.  Their willingness to allow me to work my magic was a welcome change. (Ladies/Gentleman, my number one piece of advice to any one getting married or throwing an event: HERE IT IS: choose a vendor you love, and let them do what they love.  I promise it pays off.) Here is what we created for this sweet, beautiful, kind couple.  

All captured by the amazing Sarah McKenzie of Sarah McKenzie Photography

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