It's official! I have lost my mind.  Ok sorta, kinda, not really.   And I know it's not a subject to take lightly.  But OH MY GOSH. I thought I could handle this all.  And through one embarrassing moment after another, it's time to slow down and reevaluate. So for those caught in the cross wind of my insanity.  I apologize greatly.  I am a one man team.  

At least when it comes to the day in - day out of it all.  It's JUST me.  So please hang in there, if you have a little bit of patience, I am your girl.  If you are in a hurry and need immediate responses to everything... not so much.  

I am a creative, I am a designer.  I am not a secretary, nor office professional.  But I do my best. I PROMISE.  

But today, I was subpar.  And for that, world, I apologize.   That is all.  Phew.