You guys everything is coming together and we couldn't be more excited.  Are you as curious as I am about people's day to day?  What does their office look like, what cool computer do they use, items on their desk, etc. ?  Well I am, I always want to know what people are up to, but from afar. :-) And of course that is why social media is so popular, because it quenches our thirst of endless curiosity.  And for the people who know me, I am curious to a fault.

For those of you guys that are exactly like me, here is a shot of my desk.  It's a little staged with the new Silk & Willow ribbon we go it for next week's wedding, but it is exactly what it looks like every day. I have my camera sitting right next to me and fresh flowers at my desk.  After all, I got in the industry of flower designing because I LOVE fresh flowers.  And you might wonder, is it always roses?  YES!!! The more scented the better. 

I placed my desk so I can always face the outside.  If it's sunny, I never turn the lights on.  If as storm is rolling in, I've got a front row seat.  Life is good. 

From where I sit