For the last several months I have had the awesome fortune of having my lovely office manager assist me with posting blogs.  She has been rocking it so much that I have been getting a little bit rusty and thought I would have my first attempt in months.  So here we go..

In the last several months we've had the pleasure of being asked to do a couple demonstrations for the local florist community.  And not only was I honored to be asked, the best part was the people I met through it all. Mayesh has been the new kid in town this year and with a large mountain to climb.  But they accomplished something I think many of us didn't think would be possible.  They created a little space for themselves in a highly competitive market.  And even better than making their space, they came in with amazing product and a warehouse full of creative, knowledgeable people.  

And of course, when they called and requested I come to do a little demonstration for their Open House/ Customer Appreciation, I said Yes! But when they told me that I would have my pick of Japanese product, I said HELL YES!! And don't think for a second I was excited to speak in front of a crowd... but I put my big girl pants on and handled business.

Let me tell you that I am fully aware at how ridiculous I look in these images as I am mid sentence, I had to post them non the less.

In this particular demonstration I focused on creating a garden arrangement, one in which could be relatable and yet able to show some tricks that others might find interesting.  Variety and texture is crucial to making this work.  And of course lets not forget to continuing varying heights of the flowers so that depth and structure can be created.

As if that wasn't the highlight of my year, the ladies of Westside Flower Exchange came a calling.  Since I first walked into that warehouse, I knew I would immediately love these ladies.  They are full of personality, and have a love affair with flowers that I immediately related to. The knowledge they hold and the insane variety of premium blooms, always keep me close.  

They were celebrating their 20th year in service, and I had no clue till the day of... I was the one designer in Houston they requested.  WHAT??? Little ol Maria Maxit of Maxit Flower Design was the designer they thought of when thinking of the one designer in 20 years of service they would like to come help celebrate their big day. 

What an honor.  They too gave me my pic at product, as they were some of the first in town to bring in peonies... you know I was immediately dying. You walk in their cooler and your heart just starts racing.  That cooler is jam packed full of the most dream worthy flowers that exist. And with hearts in my eyes, I was given direction to pick out "what ever I wish".  

Let me stop here by saying... THIS. IS. A. DREAM.

I think I fainted and went to heaven.  My go at the cooler, to pick anything I want?!!! Oh holly flowers.  I have to admit that I died of sheer joy and kinda blanked out. When I came to... people were starting to fill the room and the demonstration had to start.  Cue 'go blank again', as it's always nerve wrecking to talk in front of people.  

I went into this demonstration with the idea that I would create  a large scale arrangement.  One that would be placed at the altar or a focal point of a space.  Concentrating on having attendees see the structure of the base and how the beginnings of flower arranging starts.  With details as when to place certain flowers and why particular flowers are used when.   Did you know that the order you place flowers dramatically changes the shape of a flower arrangement?

Special thanks to all the wholesalers in Houston that have supported my journey in the crazy flower industry, I could never do it with out you!