When establishing what type of designer I would evolve to become I distinctly remember wanting to combine my previous world of fine art with my current work of flowers. I studied various forms of painting while growing up, as my mother was not only very fond of keeping me as busy as possible but she too was an artist. Summer was jammed packed full of art classes and ballet workshops.

I currently still see both of my parents create art. My house has a piece of their work in almost every room.

After working for a fine art gallery in Houston after college, I started to understand the community and their dynamics. It taught me that patience, consistent practice and an undercurrent of maddening passion is required to be successful in art community. Fast forward 10 years and here we are. Never in my wildest dreams could I have dreamt this big.

Owning a business that is solely focused on creating floral art work is exactly where I was meant to be. I now know and fully understand that all those small steps that life gave me lead me here. One day opening a magazine and seeing our work as the advertisement for The Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

For my art to be highlighted by this institution might be one of the highlights of my career. Because saying you’re an artist and being acknowledged by the Fine Arts community are two completely different things. Am I right?

Here is the one page spread and bellow are some images from the gorgeous shoot we designed.

Photography by Marni Wishart Photography