This is probably going to be one of the most fun blog series for us to write. Simply because it is all about our "baby"- Maxit Studio Styles! We literally feel like a dad with his wallet full of his family's photos. 

We created the idea of giving back to the creative community using our studio space and access to flowers. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is getting your name out there. Correct?  So how do we accomplish that?! That got us thinking-

Social Media is our biggest (& cheapest) friend these days. However, showcasing your work, style and vision can be hard when you run out of images from your portfolio- honestly, you can only show off a wedding or event so much before it goes stale. Styling kits can cost tons of money. (Ribbon and vintage scissors aren't cheap, y'all!) Flowers are great for styling, but a lot of "non-flower experts" have trouble making things look just right. iPhone photos aren't always ideal or cooperative. Styled shoots are SO. MUCH. WORK. and so crazy expensive now. So how can we get those perfectly styled images, but also have our stamp of creativity on them?

Then it came to us. Pool all of our creative friends and work together! Genius. Maxit Studio Styles was born.  The idea is simple:

  • reach out to the local creatives.
  • create a spreadsheet (or 6) and organize creatives by skill.
  • spend time researching vendors and decide who vibes the best.
  • move some things around in your calendar and get the sessions scheduled.
  • create a mood board for each session.
  • connect creatives together and release mood board.
  • brainstorm as a group.
  • its finally session day- style, style, style.
  • uplift each other.
  • get images back.
  • spam the heck out of them. uplift each other some more. 

So, it really isn't that simple, but SO worth it. So, without further adieu, We would like to share our very first Maxit Studio Styles Session with you! 

The Dream Team

Rocio Carlon Studios- Photographer Extraordinaire: Rocio came with her camera and totally killed the entire shoot. She worked her hiney off making sure each picture had perfect lighting, composition and depth. She was on and off that step ladder ALL day. When we received these images in our inbox- we about died. Rocio, you did even better than we could have imagined! 

Fresh strawberries with floral tea. 

Fresh strawberries with floral tea. 

Aces of Taste- Foodies : Abigail and Julie showed up to the session to represent AOT. Little did these ladies know, they would end up being models, too! A & J, your food styling was on point and y'all totally took the record for most styled images created in such a short amount of time! We can't wait to attend one of your pop-up events soon.  **Bonus- Abigail also owns her own cotton candy business! WHAT?! Thank you to Lush Puff for providing yummy, on site, cotton candy for our shoot! 

holding tea stock image maxit flower design
maxit studio styles in action houston texas

Tripp Films- Videographer of our dreams: Nikki not only shot an amazing BTS video, she also brought a ton of gorgeous and unique styling props. And we mean a ton. She brought a totally different aspect to our shoot that we simply loved. Her love for her work truly shines through her work. We just love when we can tell you adore your job. Her BTS video will be shared soon!

tripp films maxit studio styles houston texas

Wink by Erica-  our Sweets Soul Sister: Erica couldn't meet up with us, due to an event, but graciously sent gorgeous macaroons our way! Y'all, if we didn't absolutely need these little heaven cookies for our images, they would have been devoured in a heart beat. The smell coming from the little container was simply D I V I N E.  Erica literally took our idea of the "perfect" macaroon and ran with it. We can't wait to work with her again! 

macaroon by wink by erica maxit studio styles houston texas

This is probably the longest blog post ever, so we will keep the end short & sweet. We couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to test out our very first Maxit Studio Styles session on. We have 2017 planned out for the most part, but we are already looking forward to next year and adding new participants. Stay tuned for updates after each session.