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setting the standard: creating the event you want to see


When I started this business I was bull headed and had many thoughts on how it would all go.  Some of the thoughts were wildly incorrect and other turned into structures that I still hang on to.  For example, I thought it would be easy, I thought that if I produce good work people will come.  It's not easy, but people will come.  Yes it is true... if you build it they will come.  But no one tells you how long the building process will take.  

I also don't have a store front (which 8 years ago was a wild thought in our market) as we work out of a warehouse that we've converted into a super cute space. I remember nay sayers who thought I would never be seen and it would be difficult to grow my business.  It was difficult but the vision that I has was mine and knew it would work.  

So many times in life we have a gut feeling that comes over us and we push it aside.  We might have too many people's opinions we listen to or are just insecure about pulling the trigger. I see this all the time when people are making decisions for their wedding/event.  Client's have a vision for their event and get persuaded by a well meaning photographer, event planner or friend to move in a direction that was not their original vision.  TRUST ME... there are many reasons to listen to your friends and other vendors! But listen to your gut.

Make sure the event you are planning resembles you.  We want your guest to know it was something you planned, a true reflection of you, when they walk into the room.  All we do is just play a small part in making it happen.

Gorgeous images by Dana Fernandez Photography

Why two different colored bouquets?  No, our bride did not request this.  There was an error on our end and we were lucky enough to have both of them photographed! She asked for an all white bouquet... but apparently we got so excited about the colors, we sent that one first.  

Dana, the amazing photographer, shot us a call and told us about our hiccup. We quickly whipped up the white bouquet and got it to our beautiful bride right in time for her to walk down the aisle.

Phew! Can we get an amen for working with some of the most thoughtful vendors?! What would we ever do without the people that make us look good and make us feel that we are part of a bigger team.  The vendor team! 

We were so thankful she spoke up. Because she did we got a chance to fix our error and make it right. She will look back on her wedding day and it will be a true reflection of her. And for that reason alone, we are so thankful for her.