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we aren't the right fit for everyone, but i hope we are the right fit for you

It is such an easy statement to say and I wholeheartedly believe that, we aren’t the right fit for everyone. But the day in and day out of that statement is so much harder than I thought it would be. After I meet with you, I literally started envisioning us creating the flowers for your special day. I day dreamed of the flowers, the textures, the new vases we would source. The excitement to tell my employees that we would be working at the venue you booked, with your photographer, with your family.

My passion is what built this business.

There were no previous owners, current owners who assist, parents money, partners, investors etc. JUST ME.

Yes of course I have some of the most amazing employees that have ever existed. But I still answer every email, every inquiry with the same passion and excitement that I did this first day I started this. And I have been compelled to let everyone know.

I want you to know that your event means so much to me. It means you saw our hard work, all the years, all the passion filled moments. You took the time to reach out and explore the possibility of working together, and that makes my heart explode with joy.

And for that, I thank you.

I wish we were perfect for everyone, that I could drive to your venue that is an hour away, book your Christmas event, or take on another event on an already booked date. But we decided to make this a place of long term passion. Where we create from a place of deep love and understanding of the art of flowers and event design. Of 13 years of perfecting, learning and understanding what elements create a perfect event and to 13 more. We only take on what we are 100% sure we can do, and do correctly.

Thank you for challenging us and making us the designers we are today. Here’s to a fun 2019 season.

a fall wedding color palette

I have to admit I have not been a huge fan of the traditional Fall color palettes. What comes to mind are the oh so typical orange, yellow and reds that have been combined in the most painful of ways. In 2018 I was determined to change my view and make Fall fun again.


So off I went to explore color tones that were traditionally seen in weddings and combined them with the best of what Fall has to offer. I grabbed some copper tones with some soft mauvey blushes and mixed them with some seasonal textures that when combined made my heart skip a beat.

We just got these images from the super talented Jen Dillenger and could not wait to share them with you. She captured these flowers perfectly and we are so proud of how everything turned out.

Event planner: Jennifer Lawrence of JLow Events

Venue: Chandelier Grove


fall colors: adding unexpected tones to your palette

Exploring color is one of the elements of design that we love the most. As much as I have love for neutrals, exploring with new color palettes that are unexpected is very rewarding.

Fall has a tendency to bring all the oranges and yellows out, but adding to those tones is where the magic happens. When we look at nature, Fall leaves have an insane amount of colors that we tend to overlook. With this particular arrangement we tried to add those tones that can be forgotten.

The soft peaches, rusts, and sages add the perfect hues to soften those harsher yellow tones. We also added textures with those colors that keep it interesting and fun. I played with the idea of designing with these colors in a manner that helps move your eye through out the arrangement. I wanted to see if grouping colors will create what is seen in Fall forests. That you see a grouping of all orange trees, then a grouping of red trees all in one glance. It seems like nature is the leader of design.


We used the following blooms to make this arrangement come together:

1) Fall Eucalyptus

2) Ranunculus

3) Field Grown Garden Roses

4) Lisianthus

5) Butterfly Ranunculus

6) Foraged Privett Berries

7) Jasmine

8) Roses

9) Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

I used this clear urn to keep that element simple. As the colors were going to be on the more fussy side I wanted to see what this one would like if we kept the urn less distracting and keeping the focal point on the flowers. This urn is one of my favorites, it is timeless, simple, clean and brings an element of an old world feel that we always love.

Design, Styling and Photography by: Maxit Flower Design