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I have always had a passion for photography but finding a place for it to grow has always been a bit tricky.  Maxit has always took the forefront of our time and development.  Now that our team has grown and many responsibilities that were mine have been delegated I have turned my attention to photography.  

The tricky thing about photography is that you need a subject but the best thing about this problem is that I have the easiest solution.  Flowers.  Having our passions meet has been one of the most fruitful moments. Taking control of how our original art form is seen by the world through photography has been so rewarding.


We have been at the mercy of how others see our work.  And let's be honest we don't all see art the same.  Something that might be amazing to you, is a complete turn off to many others.  Our flowers are not always photographed at events and when they do get photographed the ever so sneaky salt and pepper shaker want in on the image. There is no possible way to get the photographer of every event and explain to them the best angle.  Because, yes, every arrangement has a best angle.

All that being said, we found a need to photograph our own work. To take the reigns and show off our work through our eyes.  Here's a sampling of what we came up with:


Our goal is to continue elevating our work and showcasing what we do best as artist.  I hope that I continue to grow and am able to show different elements of our work through photography.  Wish me luck

dear creative, you will be copied

creatives being copied flower arrangement anemones greenery

This is a regular conversation in all artist communities and something that happens to EVERYONE. Original ideas are like our children, we work on them for months, have sleepless nights before we finally have to put them out to the world, and anxiously watch it as it grows.

This last couple months, this has happened to us more than once, and you know what.. it feels exactly like everyone said it would.  But I will live with the idea that I would rather produce work that is good enough to be copied than not. I will take a deep breath and release that negative energy that so desperately wants to come in. And I will live in the moment to rejoice that people are watching, observing and want to copy.

So bring it world, copy away.  You have raised the bar, you have demanded more creativity and we will meet your expectations. My defense, more creativity... 


Compote arrangement creatives being copied concrete container