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flower bouquets: they are important ya'll

Bride and groom, photographed in Rice University by Josh and Dana Fernandez Photography. Flowers by Maxit Flower Design

Bride and groom, photographed in Rice University by Josh and Dana Fernandez Photography. Flowers by Maxit Flower Design

While many people might sell you on a simple bouquet. Splurge, this is the only time you will ever cary your dream bouquet. I can promise that it will be completely, totally, worth it!!!

I have heard designers mention that they don’t focus on the bouquet because you only cary it for several minutes down the aisle. Sure, they are correct. But what about the images that get captured that last a life time. Who doesn’t want these dreamy, artistic images of their girls and their new hubby.

There is so much artistic talent goes into creating one of these beauties, ok I am tooting my own horn. But seriously, we were not able to make this year one, two or three of learning design. It is not easy and therefor should have a moment in the spot light.

And for the record, we have had some stunning bridal bouquets that are 1/2 this size. Size does not matter in the bouquet world. Quality flowers, shape and design is where the magic happens. Make sure to allow a healthy budget for those specialty blooms. Our favorites? Garden roses, peonies, spray roses, lisianthus, and ranunculus to name a few.

And let us not forget, the photographer. It is important ya’ll!! These images you see were perfectly captured by Josh & Dana Fernandez. And shall we not forget, the hard work of Mallory at Two Be Wed.

Is it just me, or can we agree that these images would not look the same without these flowers! I might be biased, so you decide…

Bridal bouquet by Maxit Flower Design, captured by Josh & Dana Fernandez Photography

Bridal bouquet by Maxit Flower Design, captured by Josh & Dana Fernandez Photography

Bride with her bridal bouquet, in Rice university captured by Josh and Dana Fernandez. Bouquet by Maxit Flower Design

Bride with her bridal bouquet, in Rice university captured by Josh and Dana Fernandez. Bouquet by Maxit Flower Design

Bride and bridesmaids bouquets. Shot by Josh and Dana Fernandez in Rive University.

Bride and bridesmaids bouquets. Shot by Josh and Dana Fernandez in Rive University.

Bride and her bridesmaids, shot by Josh and Dana Fernandez inside Rice University.

Bride and her bridesmaids, shot by Josh and Dana Fernandez inside Rice University.

Boutonniere by Maxit Flower Design, captured by Josh and Dana Fernandez Photography

Boutonniere by Maxit Flower Design, captured by Josh and Dana Fernandez Photography

getting inspired through travel


We had to get away. Going on three months straight with out a day off can have its toll on you. The grind can own you. It’s bizarre, but it can get addicting.

To step away can be scary at times as business ownership is very demanding. And at times we might make it feel more demanding than it is when we are feeling overwhelmed. What I have realized this happens more often when we don’t take time off.

It is so rare that we get weeks without weddings, particularly this past year, that sneaking a last minute trip was the only way we could make it happen.

So why not Paris. It had been on my list for a while and couldn’t believe I had made it this far without going. So Chris, my fiance, surprised me with the idea and 7 days before we jumped on the airplane, we got on our computers and booked the trip.

Spontaneity is one of my love languages. I feel the need to make things happen when they are not planned helps keep me young and excited about the endless possibilities of life.


I brought my camera and only took it out on some adventures. I can get all consumed with taking pics and not living in that particular moment that I need to edit the times I bring her. Here are some of the pics that I had to share with you, and only hope you can enjoy them as much as I did.

The ones posted are some from around Paris, and mostly on a day trip we took to Versailles.


setting the standard: creating the event you want to see


When I started this business I was bull headed and had many thoughts on how it would all go.  Some of the thoughts were wildly incorrect and other turned into structures that I still hang on to.  For example, I thought it would be easy, I thought that if I produce good work people will come.  It's not easy, but people will come.  Yes it is true... if you build it they will come.  But no one tells you how long the building process will take.  

I also don't have a store front (which 8 years ago was a wild thought in our market) as we work out of a warehouse that we've converted into a super cute space. I remember nay sayers who thought I would never be seen and it would be difficult to grow my business.  It was difficult but the vision that I has was mine and knew it would work.  

So many times in life we have a gut feeling that comes over us and we push it aside.  We might have too many people's opinions we listen to or are just insecure about pulling the trigger. I see this all the time when people are making decisions for their wedding/event.  Client's have a vision for their event and get persuaded by a well meaning photographer, event planner or friend to move in a direction that was not their original vision.  TRUST ME... there are many reasons to listen to your friends and other vendors! But listen to your gut.

Make sure the event you are planning resembles you.  We want your guest to know it was something you planned, a true reflection of you, when they walk into the room.  All we do is just play a small part in making it happen.

Gorgeous images by Dana Fernandez Photography

Why two different colored bouquets?  No, our bride did not request this.  There was an error on our end and we were lucky enough to have both of them photographed! She asked for an all white bouquet... but apparently we got so excited about the colors, we sent that one first.  

Dana, the amazing photographer, shot us a call and told us about our hiccup. We quickly whipped up the white bouquet and got it to our beautiful bride right in time for her to walk down the aisle.

Phew! Can we get an amen for working with some of the most thoughtful vendors?! What would we ever do without the people that make us look good and make us feel that we are part of a bigger team.  The vendor team! 

We were so thankful she spoke up. Because she did we got a chance to fix our error and make it right. She will look back on her wedding day and it will be a true reflection of her. And for that reason alone, we are so thankful for her.


when the trees bloom

We felt trusted and honored by this sweet family.  The Hinds & Nguyen families were some of the most gracious, fun loving clients we have had.  They trusted our process and let us run with their vision.  We designed and styled their wedding to be a true reflection of who they are.  Fun, romantic, kind, and ethereal.

We helped welcome the guest in with a gorgeous calligraphy sign with a light floral garland.  Meredith loved eucalyptus and one of our favorite garlands to make are made out of eucalyptus.  The movement we get from those garlands create a look like no other.  Once the guests turned the corner they continued to see gorgeous flowers styled through out.  

We used our collection of handmade ivory ceramic compotes to create garden style arrangement that complimented the aesthetics of the space and the client.  These two things (the client and the space) are some of the most important factors that we take into consideration for our design. And we truly believe when our clients have these things at the forefront of their vision, we all create some of the more spectacular events.


Gorgeous details of this arch taken by the super talented Hannah Mason Photography.  You guys, she is brilliant! Smilax vine was at it's prime season and we wanted to make sure we showcased that gorgeous vine at the altar.  Even though the ceremony was short, we try our best to make this a place that is sweet, and well thought out.  

Taking advantage of the gorgeous venue, Chandelier Grove's, natural beauty we went with fabric to help decorate the arch.  Styling this gorgeous wood arch with a combination of flowers, greens and fabric truly pulled together everything that was then going to be showcased at the reception.  We know this space so well and truly love decorating outdoor spaces.  The movement that we get from the wind is just so beautiful.


Can we pause here for a moment.  Hannah captures these types of moments perfectly.  The moments of those glances that we all want to last a lifetime. WOW!


This urn is one of my favorite pieces we cary. I have been searching for more that resemble this one for a while now with out any luck.  It can truly be styled with such a huge variety of colors and flowers and has always been a client favorite... and we totally know why.  Readers, if you know where I can find another... shot me an email.


We were asked for the first time to create a flower girl wand.  Because every young girl should live out her flower girl fantasies. How stinking adorable is this! 

Special thanks to Jennifer Lowrance of Jlow Events.  You guys she is such a gem. And Stacey at Chandelier Grove, someone so passionate and loving to open a space as gorgeous as hers.

maxit studio styles


I have always had a passion for photography but finding a place for it to grow has always been a bit tricky.  Maxit has always took the forefront of our time and development.  Now that our team has grown and many responsibilities that were mine have been delegated I have turned my attention to photography.  

The tricky thing about photography is that you need a subject but the best thing about this problem is that I have the easiest solution.  Flowers.  Having our passions meet has been one of the most fruitful moments. Taking control of how our original art form is seen by the world through photography has been so rewarding.


We have been at the mercy of how others see our work.  And let's be honest we don't all see art the same.  Something that might be amazing to you, is a complete turn off to many others.  Our flowers are not always photographed at events and when they do get photographed the ever so sneaky salt and pepper shaker want in on the image. There is no possible way to get the photographer of every event and explain to them the best angle.  Because, yes, every arrangement has a best angle.

All that being said, we found a need to photograph our own work. To take the reigns and show off our work through our eyes.  Here's a sampling of what we came up with:


Our goal is to continue elevating our work and showcasing what we do best as artist.  I hope that I continue to grow and am able to show different elements of our work through photography.  Wish me luck

styling your home

We might possibly be surrounded by some of the most creative, talented, ambitious women in the world. They are hustlers, go getters, ones that never stop creating and being motivated.  This week we got a chance to collaborate with some of the best. Marie Flanigan from Marie Flanigan Interiors, Caroline Harper of House of Harper and Mostess Box.  

We are got together to create some promotional material, as there was a looming storm that didn't allow us to shoot outside. We made lemonade people.  The reality is that the storm didn't even come till the next day, because that is what happens in reality.  You plan, plan, plan and it never quite goes the way you think.  Fast forward to today and boom.  The most gorgeous day you have ever seen and the party once again is on and moving forward.

We can't to see how it all comes together, but in the meanwhile we will show you the goodies from last week.  As any chance we get to show off our work through a professional lens is a good day.

Here's to many more collaborations with Houston's creatives and gorgeous days like today that will allow our flowers to shine.


As I develop my home garden I had the chance to use some of the goodies I have been growing.  Because I am not 100% what works with the soil and amount of sunshine we get at the new house, I have been limiting the items to mostly greens.  The highly textural items that make the difference and leave the flower growing to the professional.  At least for now.  Can you spot the home grown blooms? 

We added our caladiums to this mix for a highly textured accent.  And my gosh, what about those amazing ranunculus, flown in from Japan! Yes, Japan.  They were just as amazing, if not more, in person.


Signing off with a too be continued.  As there will be many more of these collaborations as you can never have enough!

gearing up for summer

As the winter days wrapped up a couple days ago our mind starts venturing on to the sweet summer days ahead.  Where all the outside gatherings begin and the wine just seems to taste that much better.

The queen of backyard soirees is non other than Courtney Paddock of Little Coterie.  We meet her last year as she requested florals for one of her summer shindigs and we immediately feel in love. She has an eye of attention and keen sense to what makes a party fun, interactive and memorable.

Houston weather gets hot then it becomes fire.  No joke.  And Courtney focuses on how to keep gets refreshed and cooled down during those firey nights. Keeping snacks light while focusing on a variety of different drinks hoping to make everyone happy.   Thank you Courtney, you are a fav that's for sure.


spontaneous is still our favorite


When working with other small businesses and creatives, spontaneous events are not only the easiest but necessary.  When one of our all time favorite photographers reached out for a couple quick items to promote their new clothing line, Saltflat, we were excited to dive right in to make something to help highlight their new items. 

We love our fellow business creatives and creating for them makes our hearts sing with joy.  We know the struggle and the hard work in maintaining your own small business and helping them along the way might be one of the more important things we do.

To combine another amazing element to the mix, the model Kailey is also part owner of Saltflat and is rocking other businesses as well.  You guys she is a girl boss if I ever saw one. And to make it even better, she is the kindest, sweetest lady you could ever meet.


So did you notice that gorgeous make up and hair, well that is my girl Kailey rocking it. Let me tell you, she just started her own company helping other women with their hair and make up too... you have to check her out Etoilly Artistry


Not impressed yet, go check her and her sister out at their blog called Double Shot of Sass. Now do you see what I meant?  She is on fire and love how she follows her passion no matter where she goes, the hustle is real.

And let's not forget how brilliant Ling Wang is.... she surrounds herself with the hardest working visionaries of Houston and couldn't be more proud to be in her inner circle of friends that help each other along the way.  Thank you friends, can't wait to create more spontaneous shoots with you.  They are clearly becoming my favorite! XOXO Maria Maxit

the tiniest of places

There is nothing tiny about Tiny Boxwood's.  But intimate, sophisticated, romantic... YES.  This has become one of my all time favorite venues in Houston.  Not only because of all that was previously mentioned, but because the people that work there are lovely and the atmosphere is perfection.  And the food... well that's stating the obvious.

We couldn't have been more excited when our bride, Lauren, contacted us to create arraignments for this intimate affair.  It was her vow renewal and it was a very special one.  And then we met her, and we were even more convinced that this was the perfect match.  She wanted a romantic, french provence aesthetic, which is secretly how I would get married. 

This is what we created:

new camera new pics

Today we had the pleasure of meeting with one of our spring brides for a quick meeting to show her a mock up for her wedding.  I love creating these as you see the client's face light up, their vision is coming to reality and you can tell that's one of the moments it hits them.  This bride is creating a very fun look with a variety of different element in an outdoor space.  Her colors are turquoise, blush gold and white.  

I must admit that there is a little bit of anxiety that comes with a mock-up, as this is the first time you are showing your work to your client.  You are showing that everything you've discussed has been understood.  There is a sense of vulnerability that only an artist can understand.  It's almost as if you are giving your first big speech in your High-School Speech class.  You've poured your heart out and now the pause... a little bit of silence... and then you wait for the critique.  

So... she loved them! Our mock-up was a success.  

Blush, whie and green Houston Wedding, The Grove 2.JPG