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a little more about the buffaloes

Meet Kendall Hanna! She's an adorable, high-energy, fun-loving photographer and all thing creative! I am so excited to partner up with her with one of her more recent projects, The White Buffalo Project.  But what I would like to chat about today is that she is also a photographer.  Houston!! Take advantage of this talented lady, free spirit and contagious energy and see what she can do for you.  For now I will revel in the fact that we will be collaborating in some future projects together and combining or love for community to get WBP rolling.  So go check her out and stay tuned to some more fun pics from her!!

this thank you

Yesterday I heard the UPS ladies little foot steps as she walked up the driveway to our front door.  I got excited but quickly went through the inventory of items ordered on-line and mentally confirmed that I hadn't ordered anything in a while.  So I quickly ran out to make sure they got the right address, just in case I needed to catch her before she left.  

I looked down and saw a little brown box addressed to ME!!! It made my day.  It immediately made me feel so special and loved.  But then I started to unravel this adorable package and this is what I found.  The sweetest, most thoughtful surprise I have ever received from  a photographer.  

A hand written thank you note and a large stack of printed images from our photo shoot beautifully wrapped in silk ribbon. 

Alicia Pyne Photography, Surprise Gift
Alicia Pyne Photography Surprise Gift
A person that feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

So who was this amazing January Santa?  Alicia Pyne of Alicia Pyne Photography.  We got a chance to work with her a couple weeks ago for an epic photo shoot.  It was beautiful designed and executed and felt like I was living in a movie moment for the day.  I will have to keep these images under wraps for now, but when I can release them I will.  They are breath taking!