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before anything else

Here it is you guys, a little sneak peak of the new Maxit Studio.  We have been working hard on getting the right pieces for such an important space and could't be more excited to give you this sneak peak.  I wanted to make sure to have a neutral space where creativity can begin.  

A space where you don't feel overwhelmed by color, style and design that might not be spot on to what you want for your event/wedding.  Neutral, I believed, was a perfect place to begin.  Where ideas can develop and form to be something amazing.  A landing spot if you will for endless creativity.  

Maxit Studio Houston Texas 1.JPG
Maxit Studio Houston Texa 2.JPG
Houston Event and Wedding Stylist

There are still so many touches that are going to be added that I can't wait to slowly reveal them all as they get added to the space.