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we can't do it alone: having a in-house team and vendor team that rocks, makes a difference


This past weekend, not different than most, reminded me the value of team work. Not only with my team at the studio but the team at the venue. To feel supported, cared for and thought of during the setup from the venue is something that has been elevated by The Revaire. Their team not only thought about how to make all the vendors have an easy load in and load out, they thought of how to keep them safe.


They supply scissor lifts, ladders, easy load in, overnight storage of supplies, set ups starting days before, and breakdown on Monday mornings. But more importantly you feel like you are part of the team. These items and flexibility is what makes each event go smoothly, and feel less rushed.

Breaking down an event on Monday allows us to stay off the roads in the middle of the night. Breaking down an event might be one of the most hazardous elements of our job. My team is tired and have been working 12hr days since Monday morning to make it all come together. By Saturday night everyone is EXHAUSTED!!! Not only are we not at our very best, but lets be real roads at midnight to 4am are not the safest in Houston, Texas. As we have one of the biggest drinking and driving record in the States.

So I tip my hat off to you The Revaire for making us a priority. To make us feel like part of the team. We appreciate you and thank you. And side note, lets see if we can make this breakdown on Monday a thing. For our safety. PLEASE!


Styling, design, floral and photography by Maxit Flower Design.

vendors are the key

Several weeks ago I got invited to attend an event where Mindy Weiss, event planner to the stars, would be speaking.  I truly enjoyed her and thought her experience and expertise was amazing to listen to and soak in.  One of the more important moments was when I heard her say adamantly that her vendors are her secret to success.  She has built bonds with them because of their quality of work, communication and capabilities to create unbelievable events.

Today we highlight one of those vendors that always makes that happen.  Christina at Pomp and Circumstance has shown a level of expertise that I have not seen too often.  She communicates more efficiently and consistently than anyone else I know.  She truly loves what she does and it shows.  She puts her client first, at all cost.  But never forgets and values her vendors and it shows. 

Event planners can't design your flowers, can't DJ, can't cook the food your guests will eat but what they can do is hear all of the client's desires and curate an event with the best vendors to make all that happen.  And then happen in a manner that would amaze.

Photographs by Marco Wang

designers design

Remember the Florist Design Workshop I mentioned in the "we gather" blog post last week?  Well here are some more images from that event that I am super excited to share with ya'll.  Take a look.  {All photographs taken by Korie Lynn Photography}

Maxit Flower Design; garden style flower arrangement; Korie Lynn Photography
Maxit Flower Design, peonies flower design, Korie Lynn Photography
Maxit Flower Design; flower design, Korie Lynn Photography
Maxit Flower Design; Bridal Bouquet; Korie Lynn Photography
Maxit Flower Design; bridal bouquet, Korie Lynn Photographer
Maxit Flower Design; flower design bouquet, Korie Lynn Photography