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Advertising can be a tricky thing that many people don't talk about and to be honest I knew little about until my mom became the founder of her own magazine.  With owning a magazine and becoming the editor, there are many nuances that without the insider info, I would have no clue about.

As a small business owner, we are putting our hearts into the day-in & out of the business. Being a creative business owner has it's own sets of vulnerabilities that only multiplies the insanity of it all.  With all that being said, we need advertising.  We need to have our future clients know that we exist, and what type of work we produce.  

But bring in Social Media and advertising can be a full time job! We have been an exclusively word of mouth business and we love it that way.  You know about us, because someone loved us.  And what can make a creative business owner happier, more proud and excited than having THAT client come to us.  

This month we got another feature in The Knot Texas magazine. We couldn't have been more excited to be the front image of the Houston section.  The Knot has been a Maxit supporter for many years, even though we have never advertised with them.  Which is AMAZING! We love that they support the creative community without condition.  There is no pay to play and it creates a fair playing ground for the community of creatives that have just started to get their small businesses out into the public.  Why is this important?

When we all began, we began with out anything. No money, but a ton of passion. And because we are in a vulnerable state at that time, we create on the back of our life savings. To make our dreams a reality.  All this to come back around to The Knot.  Yes, I have a point here people! 

The Knot highlights these small companies, and puts them on a national platform that makes the difference for so many of us. And because of that I want to thank them here.  THANK YOU! Because with out your dedication to the wedding and event industry many of us would be lost and many of our clients would never know who we are. There is something amazing about a massive company still giving the little guy a chance.

Thank you!

And now to the wedding that they highlighted: 

The remainder of the images are on the gallery tab... HERE