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what's next

Floral styling print with roses, ranunculus by Maxit Flower Design in Houston, TX.

Floral styling print with roses, ranunculus by Maxit Flower Design in Houston, TX.

During this 'quiet' time at our Studio we take time to brainstorm on new projects.  We keep it quiet here around Valentine's day for many reasons, but mainly just to give us a break from it all and get to focusing on our clients.  You know the less floral elements of our fabulous job, answering emails, adjusting proposals, working on production, etc. 

We've got two solid ideas in the works, and can't wait to share them with you.  We will be working on those projects for the next couple months and unveiling them soon.  But in the meanwhile let me share with you a quote and quick sneak peak of our future projects.


the tiniest of places

There is nothing tiny about Tiny Boxwood's.  But intimate, sophisticated, romantic... YES.  This has become one of my all time favorite venues in Houston.  Not only because of all that was previously mentioned, but because the people that work there are lovely and the atmosphere is perfection.  And the food... well that's stating the obvious.

We couldn't have been more excited when our bride, Lauren, contacted us to create arraignments for this intimate affair.  It was her vow renewal and it was a very special one.  And then we met her, and we were even more convinced that this was the perfect match.  She wanted a romantic, french provence aesthetic, which is secretly how I would get married. 

This is what we created:

the introduction

Maria Elisa Maxit Houston Texas

It's me Maria Elisa Maxit, the owner, lead designer, lover of flowers, chocolate cake, mens cologne, empanadas, music, travel, good laughs and guru or all things Maxit Flower Design.  I have never done an introduction on my blog of myself for many reasons but none that really mater or make too much sense.  In short, I don't like talking about myself, I am what you call an introvert.  

But, I have worked so hard to make this little business work and have poured my heart, soul, and time into everything that you see, that showing how passionate about making this happen was just as important to me as all the other details.  I wanted to show that this work is done by someone just like you.  Hardworking, passionate, fun loving, goofy, God-fearing, girl, just like you.  

Maxit Flower Design was created after 5 years of working in a couple flower shops in Houston.  I spent many days working for event designers who created spectacular large scale events.  After meeting my goal of a 5 year study, I set my sights on creating something of my own.  Something that was solely focused on events and weddings and was curated for the likes of my customers.  I was passionate about creating a hand tailored experience for every customer, a detail oriented design concept that started from the moment we met and carried through the proposal and all the way through to the day of the event.  I wanted to show my clients that every single flower was manicured, every detail was purposeful.  

Maria Elisa Maxit Houston Texas Bayou Bend

I am truly honored to have the trust of my clients.  I cherish the time spent, during the consultations when everything is up in the air, the late night phone calls, the last minute changes, the texts at 2am thanking me for everything directly after the event...  Everything, everyone of those moments shared with them is amazing.  To receive trust from a complete stranger is something that is truly so beautiful and life changing.  The responsibility of owning this business is something that 5 years of experience could have never prepared me for.  I had no clue what I was getting into.  Thank you for your trust! Thank you to all my past clients and to many more in the future!! I adore you.

Random facts:  I was born in Argentina.  I love dachshunds.  I have an amazing boyfriend, more about him later.  Photography is my second passion and believe I might go professional one day.  I am very sensitive to noises, your food smacking bothers me to no end.  I have two older brothers.  My parents are the coolest people I know. Beautifully manicured fingernails are my weakness.  (The large bag in the pic is my favorite thing I own!)

getting ready

We are getting ready for our next couple floral design workshops and couldn't be more excited at all the incoming requests and interest. Thank you!!  We had a blast at your last one and are thrilled to continue offering these classes to our fellow flower lovers.

Please email us with any suggestions or requests as we would love to cater any classes to our guests desires.  Special thanks to Sugar and Cloth for hosting our first floral design class and to Relish Wilmot Photography for the amazing shots, seen bellow.  

Houston Flower Design Workshop; Maxit Flower Design and Sugar & Cloth
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot Photography
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Sugar and Cloth

a new view

With a new camera comes a new perspective.  After much deliberation and struggle between taking a vacation or purchasing a new camera... the new camera won, at least for the moment.  The vacation is still being planned.

 So with that said you'll begin to notice a new series of posts that are much more personable, fun and maybe occasionally a DIY for those who like to play with flowers.  Here's just the beginning... Several pics of an arrangement made with a combination of some wedding left overs and some left from a styled shoot.