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Tiny Boxwoods Wedding

working with other boss ladies

When a mother who works in the interior design field puts together her daughter's wedding, it's headed in an amazing trajectory.  Cherry of The Longoria Collection was a hands on creative that we absolutely loved collaborating with.  To see her mull over every detail made me have such an appreciation for all creatives.  I forget how we work, as I am always in the thick of it all.  Thank you Cherry for your trust, creating your vision was a blast.  Hands down on of my favorite intimate weddings we have created in a while.

Here are some cell phone shots, as I just can't wait for the professional ones! But when those do come, you'll find them in our Gallery page, so keep an eye out! 

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the tiniest of places

There is nothing tiny about Tiny Boxwood's.  But intimate, sophisticated, romantic... YES.  This has become one of my all time favorite venues in Houston.  Not only because of all that was previously mentioned, but because the people that work there are lovely and the atmosphere is perfection.  And the food... well that's stating the obvious.

We couldn't have been more excited when our bride, Lauren, contacted us to create arraignments for this intimate affair.  It was her vow renewal and it was a very special one.  And then we met her, and we were even more convinced that this was the perfect match.  She wanted a romantic, french provence aesthetic, which is secretly how I would get married. 

This is what we created: