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talent is talent


When I get word that Hannah Mason is coming to photograph our flowers, my flowers even get excited. This kind, generous, sweet photographer blows me away with her talent.  There are many photographers out there that do a great job and that I love dearly. But Hannah, tells a story.  


You can literally see her thinking and brainstorming about the details, pulling all elements of the wedding to photograph.  She understands the concept behind styling the wedding in a manner that catches ALL the details.  Because if you don't already know... those details are all well thought out.  Someone had to chose those details, think through them and put them all together.

The wedding collaboratively is made from all of those tiny decisions that made one evening so memorable.  To think that a photographer wouldn't give every one of those elements their own time, is a shame.  It's not validating that each step meant something to our clients. Each item was chosen with thought, and it was part of the process they took into hosting an event for their loved ones.

I get so passionate about this subject as I am in meeting after meeting with my clients and see how much this all means to them.  I see how much they enjoy it and how they speak of specific people and times in their life that make them ponder these decisions.  It might seem like just a candle, an invitation, boutonniere, the beading on a the dress, that flowing hanging ribbon, or a simple centerpiece.  But to them it was a well thought out detail that they took the time to think through and choose the perfect one for them and their loved ones.