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walking into the unknown: designing events with intention

The bride asked for a simple and classic design. We incorporated scented garden roses with roses and touches of jasmine vine for that delicate touch or greenery. Calligraphy by Jenny @ A Fine Flourish

The bride asked for a simple and classic design. We incorporated scented garden roses with roses and touches of jasmine vine for that delicate touch or greenery. Calligraphy by Jenny @ A Fine Flourish

Copying what we have done in our daily lives works well for most things. I tend not to reinvent how I take a shower, make my bed or brush my teeth. As we have created efficient methods that have become routine.

Designing weddings and events can fall into the same patterns. I have been guilty of this, as it also can help with efficiency and ease. And shall I say that it allows clients to feel comfortable that we are not taking risks with their special event.

On the other hand, bringing in a couple elements that might have never been introduced before can not only make your client feel special, but create intention with design. New design elements reminds us that each one of our clients is unique and that all our designs have them at the forefront of creation.

To our future clients, allow us to take some risks and meld that into what you feel comfortable with. The combination of both allows for the most beautiful events we have ever created.


film photography: the come back kid

When choosing your wedding & event photography there are so many decisions to make and we are not going to pretend we know a 10th of what is important. But when we see something that we love and is a representation of fine art… we will let you know.

Film photography has made a come back ya’ll, and we love it!

There is something so old world, so ethereal about the softness that is unparalleled to anything else I have seen. And one of our favorites in Houston that rocked this shoot is Chrisitne Gosch.


Yes there are some limitations, so find a photographer that will do both digital and film… and boom no more limitations. You’ve actually added another element of art into your day that you will never regret.


For this design concept we wanted to marry the garden style compote with garlands that have been to popular. We deconstructed some flowers and laid them through out the table to style and create a loose floral garland look.

We’ve created this look for rectangle tables and rounds and think that it truly does adds a luxe element. It’s super unexpected and interactive. I think we are all used to having flowers in a vase or garland, but seeing them placed through out the table keeps your guest wanting more.

Am I the only tactile person here? I have to touch that dress I walk by when shopping, and smell the rose on the side of the street. Adding flowers to a table will no doubt have me touching them or adding them into my hair. Let your guests interact, that’s what life is about.


talent is talent


When I get word that Hannah Mason is coming to photograph our flowers, my flowers even get excited. This kind, generous, sweet photographer blows me away with her talent.  There are many photographers out there that do a great job and that I love dearly. But Hannah, tells a story.  


You can literally see her thinking and brainstorming about the details, pulling all elements of the wedding to photograph.  She understands the concept behind styling the wedding in a manner that catches ALL the details.  Because if you don't already know... those details are all well thought out.  Someone had to chose those details, think through them and put them all together.

The wedding collaboratively is made from all of those tiny decisions that made one evening so memorable.  To think that a photographer wouldn't give every one of those elements their own time, is a shame.  It's not validating that each step meant something to our clients. Each item was chosen with thought, and it was part of the process they took into hosting an event for their loved ones.

I get so passionate about this subject as I am in meeting after meeting with my clients and see how much this all means to them.  I see how much they enjoy it and how they speak of specific people and times in their life that make them ponder these decisions.  It might seem like just a candle, an invitation, boutonniere, the beading on a the dress, that flowing hanging ribbon, or a simple centerpiece.  But to them it was a well thought out detail that they took the time to think through and choose the perfect one for them and their loved ones.