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a simple thank you

There are those times that a simple 'thank you' can make you cry.  I've been running around like a mad woman lately trying to make everything work.  Trying to get everything in order, answering emails, phone calls, attending meetings, walk throughs, creating proposals, future potentials possibilities.... the list could fill this whole blog post and bore us all to death.

After providing florals for the Hailie and Kendall of The White Buffalo Project this past week they handing me a sweet little package and inside I found this print! It brought tears to my eyes.   It was just something I needed to hear and something I needed right at that moment.  We can go through our lives working our days away and through all this, feeling totally under appreciated.  

Women! You truly make the world go round.  Giving your love, appreciation and kindness can propel someone's day, life and business to be something it wasn't just that moment before. Spread it around, everywhere, whenever you can, however you can... just do it.

You are so Loved Print, Maxit Flower Design
You are So Loved Print, Maxit Flower Design
You are so Loved Print, Maxit Flower Design