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5 common flower mistakes brides make and how to avoid them

Over the past 8 years we have seen some consistent mistakes that we believe are totally avoidable and once explained will completely make sense.  We will outline what the mistakes are but also give easy, practical ways to avoid them and correct them.  So here we go, let's dive in:

Mistake # 1: I can DIY the flowers 

Ok this is an easy one, don't do it. There are so many other times in life you can have fun with flowers. Baby showers, bridal showers, brunch, mother's day... but your wedding day?  I would say is a big fat NO. How to correct this mistake, allow your friends and family to help with other tasks if you need to redirect them.  Create your wedding shower flowers, this will give you an idea of how messy, how much hard work, and how expensive flowers really are. 

Mistake # 2: Not budgeting enough money

How much do you budget?  We suggest that a floral centric event should budget anywhere from $35-$75 a person.  Please note that this is a person that puts flowers as one of their top priorities in their wedding. You are a flower fan and want flowers to be a focus of the event. If you have a budget less than suggested, take a look at Mistake # 4 for solutions to stretch your budget.

Mistake # 3: Expecting a certain flower

We see brides coming in so hopeful that a particular flower will be available for their event.  Peonies are not available all year around, I am sorry.  And even in the middle of their season, all the following issues can arise: delayed shipment, held at customs, flower quality not to par with our standards, flower farmer thought you said red not pink, flower cooler froze over night due to the electrical outage in the building. You guys I could go on and on.  We deal with a perishable item that has many of hundreds of miles to cross and more variables than I can possibly mention in one blog post.  Solution: be flexible, tell your designer what aesthetic you like, find a designer you trust and allow them to find the best blooms the season/farmers have to offer.

Mistake # 4: Putting flowers everywhere


If your budget can't afford it, don't do it.  We guide our clients to make sure we use their budget to the best of our ability.  Let's make some statement pieces, let's have the bridesmaids carry a simple bouquet, remove those ceremony flowers and let's focus on where the party will be for most of the night.  Make simple adjustments that will allow your budget to be focused and purposeful.  We are a purpose driven design company that will make sure your whole budget will be seen and felt through out your event. 

Mistake # 5: Not allowing your designer to take the wheel

This is what we do for a living. We have our 10,000hrs in flowers. We live for this and have found our passion in flowers.  Find that designer that your trust and give them the wheel.  Just like anything in our lives, if we feel micromanaged, we are more likely to feel less valued and honored in any process.  We give up our weekends, birthdays, graduations, and so many special holidays for our clients.  We wouldn't do this if we didn't take severe pride in what we do and promise that we will do our very best to make this the most special moment.  We feel so inspired by our client's trust.


talent is talent


When I get word that Hannah Mason is coming to photograph our flowers, my flowers even get excited. This kind, generous, sweet photographer blows me away with her talent.  There are many photographers out there that do a great job and that I love dearly. But Hannah, tells a story.  


You can literally see her thinking and brainstorming about the details, pulling all elements of the wedding to photograph.  She understands the concept behind styling the wedding in a manner that catches ALL the details.  Because if you don't already know... those details are all well thought out.  Someone had to chose those details, think through them and put them all together.

The wedding collaboratively is made from all of those tiny decisions that made one evening so memorable.  To think that a photographer wouldn't give every one of those elements their own time, is a shame.  It's not validating that each step meant something to our clients. Each item was chosen with thought, and it was part of the process they took into hosting an event for their loved ones.

I get so passionate about this subject as I am in meeting after meeting with my clients and see how much this all means to them.  I see how much they enjoy it and how they speak of specific people and times in their life that make them ponder these decisions.  It might seem like just a candle, an invitation, boutonniere, the beading on a the dress, that flowing hanging ribbon, or a simple centerpiece.  But to them it was a well thought out detail that they took the time to think through and choose the perfect one for them and their loved ones.