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we create because we have to: seeking inspiration from everything

I remember distinctly when my mother would make sure I would refer to myself as an ARTIST. She would correct me, and help me understand why it was so important.

There is something indescribable that burns within us (Artists) that makes us need to create. I can’t focus, I get fidgety, and overall anxious when I have an idea that I need to see come to fruition. I never acknowledged this as I believed this was a general human condition, a way that everyone felt.

The older I get the more I notice that this is what is called artistry: the need to create a vision that overwhelms you.

A couple days ago this happened. I thought I needed coffee and just to get up from my desk as I had been creating proposals, and paying taxes. So who wouldn’t want to move around after that. But the urge to create the arrangement I had it my head was overwhelming. I had to go pickup some flowers from the wholesaler and create something. I ended up creating the arrangement seen in the “handmade: it cost more” blog post.

I felt instant relief. Like an addict getting their buzz from their cigarette. I felt more relaxed, calm and overall content with life. And I won’t even begin to mention how adding photography to the bag of fun make me feel.

The need to create is something that I never knew, as a child, I could use to build a business from. That I could turn that energy into something profitable. Something so filled with passion and joy that would then be sought out by community. It all seems a little wild if you ask me. But it’s the best kind of wild I could have ever dreamt up.

Today I consider myself an artist, a creator.

How amazing is this skeleton leaf? Is a bleached preserved leaf that gives the most romantic soft touch to this arrangement. Looking forward to adding this delicate touch to our upcoming events and weddings.

Amazing photography by Kelli Durham Photography