The Astorian event venue is a site to behold.  The details are phenomenal and well thought out, the tile, the fixtures, the ceiling lighting, all of it is gorgeous. It's a fun space that we always feel so honored to work in.  

For this event Piper of Piper and Muse brought us this sweet family to work with.  They had one request, tall arrangement.  Showy tall arrangements.  We heard them and we created our version of this request.  Why do I say 'our version'... well we don't create a perfect ball, as things in nature tend to grow in ovals and droop.  Because we try to mimic nature as much as possible, as this is what we believe looks gorgeous, we create our tall arrangements (when requested in this more compact style) in a more oval shape.

The remaining low arrangements had more of our signature look as we are aware that this is what our clients are looking for as well.  Melding both aesthetics is possible and we don't find a need to make it all look the same. Here are some images of this fun one captured perfectly by our friends at The Cotton Collective Photography: