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....sometimes called le Studio

Let me start by showing you a relevant image, this image is of the view I have when sitting at my desk in my office.  I love it!

But not everyone I have interacted with, in the first year of owning my own business, has had positive things to say about this view.  Some have not taken me seriously and have not found interest in my work or even given me a moment to introduce myself! Yes it has happened.  All because this awesome view.  Okay it admittedly does not look this amazing all the time... some times the shades are forced closed due to 105 degree temperatures.  I feel wrong cranking the AC just to have a great view.  My favorite view, the sunny, stormy days when the palm trees look like they are dancing in the rain. 

What I am talking about is the shunning I have received by some in the local community about.... are you ready for it.... Yes it's true, I work from home! My lovely sweet little casa, my place of joy, comfort and productivity.  It's sounds too prefect to be wrong!

So today I read the most relevant article on this subject, we will call... pajama millionaires.

Go take a read and tell me you can't fall in love with your own local pajama millionaire! Continue supporting your local florist, as we support each other we grow with each other!!