top 4 ways to add color to your event

Adding color can be tricky.  Particularly with flower colors and availability.  There are so many variables with flowers that adding specific tones is super tricky.  This is the main reason you will see our portfolio covered with white and green flowers. You are guaranteed an abundance of variation and quality being that ordering white flower... you will always get white.


We suggest adding color through a variety of different ways that are guaranteed to be stylish and easy.

1) Fabric: add colorful linens or napkins.  This is where your design can get moody, bright, cheerful and fun. It can go in so many different directions giving you such control of making a unique event

2) Paper: menu, thank you notes, welcome sign etc. Not only can the paper color choices set the tone, but the font of the text can set the atmosphere as well.  Take all these elements into consideration for your day.

3) Candles: taper candles, and pillar candles.  Have to admit I am loving the color tones that we can add with candles.  We are no longer limited by ivory and white candles. Add those tones that are hard to find in flowers through candles.


4) Flowers: stay in a monochromatic color tones. Don't venture to mixing too many tones... Why? Flower colors don't always translate the way we wish... I order hot pink, I might get coral... I have ordered fuchsia and someone translated that to purple. We deal with these type of issues all the time.  Give us a general idea of where you want to be.... Bright tones with orange and hot pink... Muted tones with purples and mauves.  And we will select analogous tones that marry the colors together.

5 common flower mistakes brides make and how to avoid them

Over the past 8 years we have seen some consistent mistakes that we believe are totally avoidable and once explained will completely make sense.  We will outline what the mistakes are but also give easy, practical ways to avoid them and correct them.  So here we go, let's dive in:

Mistake # 1: I can DIY the flowers 

Ok this is an easy one, don't do it. There are so many other times in life you can have fun with flowers. Baby showers, bridal showers, brunch, mother's day... but your wedding day?  I would say is a big fat NO. How to correct this mistake, allow your friends and family to help with other tasks if you need to redirect them.  Create your wedding shower flowers, this will give you an idea of how messy, how much hard work, and how expensive flowers really are. 

Mistake # 2: Not budgeting enough money

How much do you budget?  We suggest that a floral centric event should budget anywhere from $35-$75 a person.  Please note that this is a person that puts flowers as one of their top priorities in their wedding. You are a flower fan and want flowers to be a focus of the event. If you have a budget less than suggested, take a look at Mistake # 4 for solutions to stretch your budget.

Mistake # 3: Expecting a certain flower

We see brides coming in so hopeful that a particular flower will be available for their event.  Peonies are not available all year around, I am sorry.  And even in the middle of their season, all the following issues can arise: delayed shipment, held at customs, flower quality not to par with our standards, flower farmer thought you said red not pink, flower cooler froze over night due to the electrical outage in the building. You guys I could go on and on.  We deal with a perishable item that has many of hundreds of miles to cross and more variables than I can possibly mention in one blog post.  Solution: be flexible, tell your designer what aesthetic you like, find a designer you trust and allow them to find the best blooms the season/farmers have to offer.

Mistake # 4: Putting flowers everywhere


If your budget can't afford it, don't do it.  We guide our clients to make sure we use their budget to the best of our ability.  Let's make some statement pieces, let's have the bridesmaids carry a simple bouquet, remove those ceremony flowers and let's focus on where the party will be for most of the night.  Make simple adjustments that will allow your budget to be focused and purposeful.  We are a purpose driven design company that will make sure your whole budget will be seen and felt through out your event. 

Mistake # 5: Not allowing your designer to take the wheel

This is what we do for a living. We have our 10,000hrs in flowers. We live for this and have found our passion in flowers.  Find that designer that your trust and give them the wheel.  Just like anything in our lives, if we feel micromanaged, we are more likely to feel less valued and honored in any process.  We give up our weekends, birthdays, graduations, and so many special holidays for our clients.  We wouldn't do this if we didn't take severe pride in what we do and promise that we will do our very best to make this the most special moment.  We feel so inspired by our client's trust.


the journey of photographing flowers

I am so endlessly grateful that I love photography.  It has elevated my business and made marketing our work so much easier. But it has been a long bumpy road with many mistakes along the way. 

We have absolutely love our photographers and how many amazing images they get for us on the event days.  But can we have a moment of truth and remember that we are not their client, at least not on someone else's event day. We have to honor the client-vendor relationship they built and not have any expectations for images of our work.

That being said, we need images of our work. We not only showcase this work to our future clients but also take time to look back on our work and make improvements. Photography is the keystone to what makes our business so successful.  It's an element of this business that I had no clue would need so much attention and curating as it needs.  And to be honest I have fallen madly in love with it.

I am not going to lie, I thought it was going to be much easier that it has been.  My gosh, picking out my next camera took me over two years to decide on.  And still wonder if I made the right decision. Finally when needing to choose some lenses I ended up making a rash decision and choosing two super expensive lenses... that I do not regret purchasing. But OUCH! I will be recovering from that one for a while.

Here are some images from a recent arrangement.  These images were taken on a day where I had time to slow down and appreciate the time it takes to learn and make it happen.  




the team


Today I sit in awe of our hard working team.  It's taken me years to create a wedding and event team that enjoyed the hustle.  Through these almost 9 years I have seem many young women and men come through our doors trying out the flower scene.  Many have worked out, and moved on... many have been never scheduled again and others asked politely to leave. It hasn't been easy but man it's been worth it.

The team we currently have might be the hardest working bunch in Houston.  With their hard work and sense of team, we could concur any task ahead. Maxine, with her kind, generous ways is leading the pack.  She designs thoughtfully, and always willing to learn.  Daniel, has been with us the longest and has seen the most.  He never turns down a good days work.  And sweet Dahlgren who has come in wide eyed and has truly hung in there when all others have gracefully bowed out.  She is our youngest and most adventurous. 

Let's not forget our amazing volunteers who get paid in hugs, my mother also my accountant, my father also my financial advisor, and my fiance also my everything. 

And as we all know, no blog post would be complete without some gorgeous images.  Today once again we have more of the artist Hannah Mayson. She just keeps filling our inbox with goodies and we couldn't be more excited.  When she asked us, during set up for the wedding, for styling items we knew we were in for a treat.  

Side note; did you know that not all photographers style images.  What does it mean to style images you might ask? Well let me tell you that it makes the difference.  It is artistically using items such as flowers, ribbons, invitations, plates and other items to place in a manner that tells the story of your event/wedding. These details are the details that you spent days, weeks and sometimes years thinking about, making decisions on and want them to be captured. 

Amongst so many other decisions to make, your photographer is the most important.  Choosing someone that not only photographs well, but also caries your vision through by taking the time to style items can be so important.  And let's be real, it doesn't have to be a whole style sesh, but at least those items that matter to you. 

Did you write a hand written note to your mother? Or bring pieces of china from your grandmothers set.  Potentially a handkerchief that is a family heirloom or your nieces first walk down the aisle.  These are all memorable moments that take time to setup for the image, style and thoughtfully captured.  Discuss these things with your photographer and see their take on what matters to you.

when the trees bloom

We felt trusted and honored by this sweet family.  The Hinds & Nguyen families were some of the most gracious, fun loving clients we have had.  They trusted our process and let us run with their vision.  We designed and styled their wedding to be a true reflection of who they are.  Fun, romantic, kind, and ethereal.

We helped welcome the guest in with a gorgeous calligraphy sign with a light floral garland.  Meredith loved eucalyptus and one of our favorite garlands to make are made out of eucalyptus.  The movement we get from those garlands create a look like no other.  Once the guests turned the corner they continued to see gorgeous flowers styled through out.  

We used our collection of handmade ivory ceramic compotes to create garden style arrangement that complimented the aesthetics of the space and the client.  These two things (the client and the space) are some of the most important factors that we take into consideration for our design. And we truly believe when our clients have these things at the forefront of their vision, we all create some of the more spectacular events.


Gorgeous details of this arch taken by the super talented Hannah Mason Photography.  You guys, she is brilliant! Smilax vine was at it's prime season and we wanted to make sure we showcased that gorgeous vine at the altar.  Even though the ceremony was short, we try our best to make this a place that is sweet, and well thought out.  

Taking advantage of the gorgeous venue, Chandelier Grove's, natural beauty we went with fabric to help decorate the arch.  Styling this gorgeous wood arch with a combination of flowers, greens and fabric truly pulled together everything that was then going to be showcased at the reception.  We know this space so well and truly love decorating outdoor spaces.  The movement that we get from the wind is just so beautiful.


Can we pause here for a moment.  Hannah captures these types of moments perfectly.  The moments of those glances that we all want to last a lifetime. WOW!


This urn is one of my favorite pieces we cary. I have been searching for more that resemble this one for a while now with out any luck.  It can truly be styled with such a huge variety of colors and flowers and has always been a client favorite... and we totally know why.  Readers, if you know where I can find another... shot me an email.


We were asked for the first time to create a flower girl wand.  Because every young girl should live out her flower girl fantasies. How stinking adorable is this! 

Special thanks to Jennifer Lowrance of Jlow Events.  You guys she is such a gem. And Stacey at Chandelier Grove, someone so passionate and loving to open a space as gorgeous as hers.

a little something on the brighter side

Brides tend to shy away from color, and we completely understand why they lean towards that direction.  Quite frankly, we love muted tones.  But!!! We love color too. And a couple weeks ago we got to pair up with the talented team from Little Coterie to create a colorful, fun filled fiesta.

This cheerful wedding was what our portfolio needed to get the Summer months started.  Lots of peonies, ranunculus, and garden roses were in their high end sophisticated mix.  And let's not forget those gorgeous details that the owner of Little Coterie, Courtney, does not shy away from.  Turquoise printed escort cards to gorgeous bride and groom signs to make everything feel thought of and well put together.

These gorgeous images taken by our friend Paige at Awake Photography.


maxit studio styles


I have always had a passion for photography but finding a place for it to grow has always been a bit tricky.  Maxit has always took the forefront of our time and development.  Now that our team has grown and many responsibilities that were mine have been delegated I have turned my attention to photography.  

The tricky thing about photography is that you need a subject but the best thing about this problem is that I have the easiest solution.  Flowers.  Having our passions meet has been one of the most fruitful moments. Taking control of how our original art form is seen by the world through photography has been so rewarding.


We have been at the mercy of how others see our work.  And let's be honest we don't all see art the same.  Something that might be amazing to you, is a complete turn off to many others.  Our flowers are not always photographed at events and when they do get photographed the ever so sneaky salt and pepper shaker want in on the image. There is no possible way to get the photographer of every event and explain to them the best angle.  Because, yes, every arrangement has a best angle.

All that being said, we found a need to photograph our own work. To take the reigns and show off our work through our eyes.  Here's a sampling of what we came up with:


Our goal is to continue elevating our work and showcasing what we do best as artist.  I hope that I continue to grow and am able to show different elements of our work through photography.  Wish me luck

styling your home

We might possibly be surrounded by some of the most creative, talented, ambitious women in the world. They are hustlers, go getters, ones that never stop creating and being motivated.  This week we got a chance to collaborate with some of the best. Marie Flanigan from Marie Flanigan Interiors, Caroline Harper of House of Harper and Mostess Box.  

We are got together to create some promotional material, as there was a looming storm that didn't allow us to shoot outside. We made lemonade people.  The reality is that the storm didn't even come till the next day, because that is what happens in reality.  You plan, plan, plan and it never quite goes the way you think.  Fast forward to today and boom.  The most gorgeous day you have ever seen and the party once again is on and moving forward.

We can't to see how it all comes together, but in the meanwhile we will show you the goodies from last week.  As any chance we get to show off our work through a professional lens is a good day.

Here's to many more collaborations with Houston's creatives and gorgeous days like today that will allow our flowers to shine.


As I develop my home garden I had the chance to use some of the goodies I have been growing.  Because I am not 100% what works with the soil and amount of sunshine we get at the new house, I have been limiting the items to mostly greens.  The highly textural items that make the difference and leave the flower growing to the professional.  At least for now.  Can you spot the home grown blooms? 

We added our caladiums to this mix for a highly textured accent.  And my gosh, what about those amazing ranunculus, flown in from Japan! Yes, Japan.  They were just as amazing, if not more, in person.


Signing off with a too be continued.  As there will be many more of these collaborations as you can never have enough!

gearing up for summer

As the winter days wrapped up a couple days ago our mind starts venturing on to the sweet summer days ahead.  Where all the outside gatherings begin and the wine just seems to taste that much better.

The queen of backyard soirees is non other than Courtney Paddock of Little Coterie.  We meet her last year as she requested florals for one of her summer shindigs and we immediately feel in love. She has an eye of attention and keen sense to what makes a party fun, interactive and memorable.

Houston weather gets hot then it becomes fire.  No joke.  And Courtney focuses on how to keep gets refreshed and cooled down during those firey nights. Keeping snacks light while focusing on a variety of different drinks hoping to make everyone happy.   Thank you Courtney, you are a fav that's for sure.


talent is talent


When I get word that Hannah Mason is coming to photograph our flowers, my flowers even get excited. This kind, generous, sweet photographer blows me away with her talent.  There are many photographers out there that do a great job and that I love dearly. But Hannah, tells a story.  


You can literally see her thinking and brainstorming about the details, pulling all elements of the wedding to photograph.  She understands the concept behind styling the wedding in a manner that catches ALL the details.  Because if you don't already know... those details are all well thought out.  Someone had to chose those details, think through them and put them all together.

The wedding collaboratively is made from all of those tiny decisions that made one evening so memorable.  To think that a photographer wouldn't give every one of those elements their own time, is a shame.  It's not validating that each step meant something to our clients. Each item was chosen with thought, and it was part of the process they took into hosting an event for their loved ones.

I get so passionate about this subject as I am in meeting after meeting with my clients and see how much this all means to them.  I see how much they enjoy it and how they speak of specific people and times in their life that make them ponder these decisions.  It might seem like just a candle, an invitation, boutonniere, the beading on a the dress, that flowing hanging ribbon, or a simple centerpiece.  But to them it was a well thought out detail that they took the time to think through and choose the perfect one for them and their loved ones.




spontaneous is still our favorite


When working with other small businesses and creatives, spontaneous events are not only the easiest but necessary.  When one of our all time favorite photographers reached out for a couple quick items to promote their new clothing line, Saltflat, we were excited to dive right in to make something to help highlight their new items. 

We love our fellow business creatives and creating for them makes our hearts sing with joy.  We know the struggle and the hard work in maintaining your own small business and helping them along the way might be one of the more important things we do.

To combine another amazing element to the mix, the model Kailey is also part owner of Saltflat and is rocking other businesses as well.  You guys she is a girl boss if I ever saw one. And to make it even better, she is the kindest, sweetest lady you could ever meet.


So did you notice that gorgeous make up and hair, well that is my girl Kailey rocking it. Let me tell you, she just started her own company helping other women with their hair and make up too... you have to check her out Etoilly Artistry


Not impressed yet, go check her and her sister out at their blog called Double Shot of Sass. Now do you see what I meant?  She is on fire and love how she follows her passion no matter where she goes, the hustle is real.

And let's not forget how brilliant Ling Wang is.... she surrounds herself with the hardest working visionaries of Houston and couldn't be more proud to be in her inner circle of friends that help each other along the way.  Thank you friends, can't wait to create more spontaneous shoots with you.  They are clearly becoming my favorite! XOXO Maria Maxit

kate + john [river oaks country club]

As we prepare for another wedding at the River Oaks Country Club, we can't help but share Kate and John's wedding at South Main Baptist Church and the River Oaks Country Club from last June. Photos courtesy of the insanely talented Dana Fernandez Photography. Planning by Sparkle & Shine Events.


Kate's details for her big day perfectly set the tone for how the day would magically unfold. With gorgeous shoes from Jimmy Choo and earrings and a headpiece from Maria Elena Headpieces. The always lovely ring box from The Mrs. Box adds the perfect touch, complete with the Bride's new last initial. We believe that capturing these details are pivotal and Dana always does a wonderful job utilizing loose florals to elevate the photos. Like the gorgeous capture of the couple's wedding invitation from Bering's!


When it came to the River Oaks Country Club, we know that less is more. We utilized one of our large white urns for the entry space featuring pale bush peonies, escimo and quicksand roses, and lots of greenery! We then created similar arrangements for the head table. Rentals for the day were provided by Aztec Events & Tents.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.32.56 AM.png

Blue berry branches, our favorite mauve, quicksand roses and peonies were found throughout the rest of the room in our compote arrangements. Additional reception vendors include the wedding cake and groom's cake from Who Made the Cake!, entertainment by Chinatown, and both a silhouette artist, Silhouettes by Cindi, and live painter, Blaire Brown Art!


For Kate's bouquet we wanted to enhance the beauty of her Oscar de la Renta gown from Joan Pillow Bridal Makeup by utilizing Bowl of Cream peonies and white Ohara roses. These lovely floral varieties always delight and we love to use them! For the Bridesmaids, we accented their grey Jenny Yoo dresses with shades of pale blush and nude. Hair and Makeup were provided by Hey Lovely Makeup.


When it comes to our Maxit grooms, we love utilizing a fluffy and cheery ranunculus boutonniere. Something with character and texture to enhance his Ralph Lauren suit. For the rest of his guys we utilize spray roses to elevate them for the special occasion. 


We also love when our Maxit couples chose to exit their reception to a rose petal toss! It is a classic touch that can be captured so perfectly! When else would you have the excuse to throw a handful of rose petals? We loved enhancing Kate and John's lovely day and are very excited to be back at the River Oaks Country club for another round soon! Cheers! XOXO.

kim + ross [four seasons]

We started off our 2018 wedding season with a great one that just landed in our inbox from Dana Fernandez Photography. Kim and Ross chose Mallory Ferreira with Two Be Wed to plan the perfect day for them, complete with ceremony at St. John Vianney Catholic Church and reception at downtown Houston's Four Seasons Hotel. We absolutely love when Dana shoots one of our clients as we know we are going to  get these amazingly styled detail shots.


The elegant invitations were designed by Nine Zero Nine and no wedding styling would be complete without The Mrs Box and some bling.


Kim was a dream to design a bouquet for! We crafted a large and playful garden style bouquet complete with lush roses, Veronica, Lisianthus, and freesia. The bouquet went wonderfully with her Galia Lahav gown from Ivory Bridal Atelier and altered by Lauras Couture & Alterations. And though you can't see it, Kim's Christian Louboutin shoes echoed the elegant whimsy in her bouquet.


The groom and his men donned our signature Maxit boutonnieres and the snazziest bowties from Balani Custom Clothiers for the affair.

Whereas for Kim's ladies we accented their sophisticated Katie May dresses from Bella Bridesmaids with additional shades of blush and mauve. Makeup and Hair for the day was provided by Misty Rockwell Makeup.


Those smiles reflect everything! Once Kim and Ross said "I Do" they stopped for a couple fun group shots before heading over to Four Seasons for their party.


Such joy!

Our personal favorite part of decorating the reception space at the Four Seasons was these sweetheart table chairs! The perfect amount of hand-tied garland with roses to create a romantic garden-eque feeling. 


We kept the floral colors at the Four Seasons simple with mostly shades of white and ivory and pops of blush with lots of greenery. The couple enjoyed their cake by Who Made The Cake and entertainment from In10City. Additional rentals & Decor from What's The Occasion and exit transportation by Heritage Carriage Company.

We wish Kim and Ross many years of joy and happiness and couldn't be more thankful to have started what's going to be a fabulous year of wedding florals with their big day. Cheers, XOXO!


teresa + nicolas [station 3]

We are in the midst of this spring wedding season but still have some amazing weddings to share with you from this past fall/winter! Like this gorgeous Station 3 wedding captured by Claire McAdams Photography!


We love when photographers utilize the best blooms for detail shots like this! So soft and romantic with a good dose of bling shine! We also love the space at Station 3 and were beyond excited to craft Teresa and Nicolas' big day which incorporated many French touches as a nod to Nicolas' heritage! 


For the seated dinner, we crafted playful arrangements and lush garlands with romantic blush, mauve and white blooms. We also sprinted a hearty dose of candles throughout to help encourage the room's warm glow.  

Teresa also shared with us the intimate images that she took with Nicolas prior to walking down the isle on their big day with a very lovely guest star! And for a bride with such classic taste, we crafted a beautiful garden style bouquet with a loose mix featuring cappuccino roses, quicksand roses, viburnum berries, jasmine, and a handful of other lovely floral varieties. 


Thank you for sharing these wonderful images with us Teresa! For our readers, you can also check out their wedding video here for even more fun from their big day! XOXO

teresa + nicolas [station 3 - video]

We absolutely love when our brides share their wedding videos with us! Since our job involves getting in and out before the event starts and then showing up once the guests have left, we only get to imagine the fun and magic of each night. But with amazing videos like this one by Claire McAdams Photography we get to see the magic first hand! 

Can you believe Teresa entered on Station 3's fire pole?! We were so delighted!! And Plush Party Band sure knows how to get the crowd dancing!  

We anxiously anticipate the images from this wonderful night arriving in our inbox for us to further share with you! And ff you are considering utilizing a videographer for your big day, be sure to check out our previous post on the Top 3 Reasons You Need a Videographer. Cheers! XOXO

bold dinner party with house of harper

It is still dinner party season and we love this bold tablescape Caroline from House of Harper put together! So if you are worrying how to entertain in the next week - keep scrolling for a couple tips and inspiration! Photographed by Kate Robinson with florals by Maxit Flower Design and calligraphy by Nancy B Creative.


This arrangement shape really is one of our favorites to create! It packs such a punch and will be sure to wow your guests! With a large focal point like this one, you really want to go with a simple pacesetting with clean lines for the rest of your table decor.


We also love how Caroline pulls the gold from the room to echo on the table with the flatware and candlesticks! So studying the space you will be entertaining in is key! You want it to look like you style this room like this every day (in a perfect world right?!) Let your wall decor or chandler set the underlying color scheme. 


Then after placing your focal point, in this case the centerpiece, slowly pull color and detail from there. The light purple wine glasses and sweet little figs on each napkin echo the tones of the candlesticks and play off the deep shades in the arrangement. 


And then once dinner is done - reuse the decor! We love how Caroline placed the arrangement in her front entryway so that her guests could again enjoy it once the table had been cleared! Be sure to  check out Caroline's full post here! And we hope that each of you have a wonderful holiday season! Cheers! Xoxo 

top 5 lessons from 2017

Hard to believe it is 2018 now! Where did 2017 go? At Maxit Flower Design, we fully believe that setting goals and looking forward involves a reflection on what happened over the last 365. After thought and discussion, these are the top 5 lessons that we learned in 2017.


Lesson Number 1:  It takes the right combination of people to make magic. Every year we get to meet so many new vendors that quickly become friends and are always joyed to collaborate with them. Whether it be for weddings, intimate parties, or just a cup of coffee and discussion, these people fill our studio and life to support us, dream with us, and work alongside us to create some of the most wonderful times! One of these regular collaborators is the wonderful Courtney from Little Coterie who styled this shoot. (Photography by Three Smudges Photography, Linens by Lettrefina, Food by Casually Gourmet, Signage by Slinging Inks, Florals by Maxit Flower Design) 

Lesson Number 2: You never stop learning. We were very fortunate to welcome Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design and her team into our studio for a week of production which of course came with the gracious opportunity to learn and pick her brain on all things flowers! It was truly one of those experiences  from 2017 that we cherish. And sometimes its great to take a break from doing all of the creative direction to sweep up and clean buckets for someone else! 


Lesson Number 3: Finding your 'Number 2' is important. In 2017, Maria teamed up with Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha to create the Botanical Brouhaha podcast. (Insert shameless plug where we recommend you go download and listen to all the episodes here!) In the creation and continuous development of the podcast, Maria serves as Amy's support and sounding board. Spending time in the shoes of a 'number 2' has provided her with insight and lessons that she can take back to utilize in her own business. 

Lesson Number 4: Crafting systems for growth in business is pivotal. 2017 brought a new office manager to the Maxit Flower Design team, our own 'number 2' if you will. We will officially introduce Ashley here on the blog soon, but the last few months we have been honing in on and developing the systems needed to get to our 'next level'. She provides not only a sounding board but can focus solely on things like our booking process and the 'paperwork side' to our weddings, scheduling, and managing day to day tasks in our studio which allows for Maria to spend more time crafting and dreaming up amazing new things.


Lesson Number 5: There is no special sauce. The ups and downs that inevitably occur during the course of 365 days really reminded us that the 'secret to success' truly is made of tenacity, grit, and a lot of hard work. There is no instant solution and growth takes time. For us it has been 8 years of sweat and passion to bring Maxit Flower Design to this point in time.

This point in time in which many things are coming together to create an amazing place to jump (with our collective team feet) into this amazingness that we know 2018 will be. As long as we keep that tenacity and grit and acceptance of hard work posted on the wall to push us on!

What lessons did you learn in 2017? We hope that some of our lessons resonate with you at this start of a new year and are so beyond excited to get to work on our big ideas and goals! Cheers to 2018! May it bring you all the  joy and success that you desire! XOXO

5 reasons we do styled shoots

A Styled Shoot. If you are not in the wedding industry you may wonder what is a styled shoot? Or why wedding vendors can get so excited over creating one for themselves? In short, a styled shoot is the creation of a setting that can be captured photographically and used to display work though various ways. It is typically not a real wedding or event. But it is just as magical!

Over the last 8 years of Maxit Flower Design, we have had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing Houston wedding vendors on various styled shoots. In 2017 we participated in two full scale shoots that were truly once in a lifetime experiences! 


In our studio we chose to participate in styled shoots for a chance to develop and capture the following 5 things that we find to be the most important aspects of styled shoots:

1) Set The Tone For Our Brand.  Your first impression is of utmost importance. What did you think when you saw the first image of Maxit Flower Design? Whether it be on this website or on a social media platform, you get one shot to make a first impression and set the tone. We want the tone that you interpret to be one that is in line with the heart of our company and brand. By styling a styled shoot, we get to ensure that the aesthetic is perfect for us as a brand. 


2) Develop New Design Trends and Possibilities. At Maxit Flower Design, we are always looking to try something new. Looking to develop new tricks to keep up our sleeves and impress our clients with and styled shoots are the perfect 'test run' for these ideas! What is the perfect length of ribbon on a bouquet? What aspects of working with blackberries should we know prior to putting them on a table for a client? Did this experiment work out wonderfully? Or like a scientist, do we need to go back to the drawing board to craft another hypothesis?

3) Showcase Our Work in New Spaces. We cannot guarantee that we book a client who adores the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston the way that we do so getting the amazing opportunity to develop a styled shoot there is the next best thing! Then we get to work there! And capture these amazing images so that our next client, who maybe never thought of utilizing a museum as a venue, would be able to picture what her wonderful day could look like! 

4) Work With New Vendors and Building Relationships. Hands down the best part (besides creating romance from scratch!) is working alongside some amazing hearts that get obsessed about details as much as I do! We have various weddings throughout the year and love getting to see our friends working in their respective businesses but that is work. We are providing the best for our client and it is not a place for chats and hugs. However styled shoots, were we are the clients, we get to talk shop and laugh while we try out those hypothesis we've had! And then the next wedding where a certain element is needed, we know the right person to bring in to the mix so that our clients experience the best possible day.


5) Enjoy Creative Freedom. Styled shoots are not all play. They are just as much work as any wedding or event except that styled shoots are up to us. We get to experiment. Play with color or texture. Test out materials or that crazy idea we have that could look so very cool! And developing styled shoots is something that you have to work on. Some shoots come easier than others but here at Maxit Flower Design, we truly love tackling the challenges that come with the never ending drive to try something new and different for our brides. 


The biggest of all thanks to the following vendors for making these beautiful images possible:

We will post more about this shoot soon so be sure to check back for all the gorgeousness! Cheers! XOXO

madeline + cameron [couples session]

After wedding sessions and anniversary sessions really do not get enough credit! While we normally work with brides leading up to their big day, it is always a treat when we get to work with married couples to help create another magical day for them! It is one of the truest forms of 'treat yourself' that we really love! Madeline and Cameron booked the amazing Mustard Seed Photography to capture a some sweet moments between the couple at Hughes Manor and we were thrilled to create this garden-style, all white bouquet for Madeline.


These photos are the perfect example that one stunning bouquet can truly elevate your photographs! How florals help to create a romantic and sophisticated aesthetic to any occasion! How the playful nature of white veronica casts a lighthearted spin on a rose bouquet. And of course we always love adding delicate silk ribbon to our bouquets to produce an ethereal feeling.  


At Maxit Flower Design, we pride ourselves with crafting every floral design with thought and intention. We study shape and color, movement and texture combinations that work together simultaneously to convey the perfect feeling. Our designs are unique and mini works of art and we would love to create something meaningful and beautiful for you. XOXO

holiday table styling tips with L. Avenue

Yes I know that Thanksgiving already came and went! We ate the turkey and we shopped a little bit too much! But setting your Thanksgiving table can also be a test run for setting your Christmas table! 

Last month we were delighted to parter with Lyndsey Zorich of L. Avenue for some holiday table styling! Below you will find a couple floral styling tips to make table styling a breeze for you this season. 


Holiday Table Styling Tip No. 1 - Do not feel like you are 'stuck' using the typical holiday colors! Thanksgiving decor typically comes in shades of orange, maroon, brown. Christmas decor typically comes in either red, green or white. But you are not forced to use these colors! Especially when it comes to floral! Think outside the box. For this arrangement we did utilize fall foliage but we also added dusty rose blooms to break up the color. 


Holiday Table Styling Tip No. 2 - Decide early on what your focal point will be. In this case, the florals were the focal point and the remaining items accented the arrangement instead of distracting or blocking the view. Lyndsey's use of clear candle sticks is the perfect example! You do not want competing visuals when the focus should be on those around the table, the conversation, and the food! 


Holiday Table Styling Tip No. 3 - Consider the views from each seat! Again, Lyndesy's use of the clear candle sticks allowed for her end-table guests to still view the floral arrangement and the guest at the other end of the table! We do not style our tables to seclude guests from each other! The holidays are about coming together and enjoying company and your table styling should reflect just that!


For further details and shoppable links, you can check out Lyndesy's blog post here. Thank you Lyndsey for a wonderful styling session! XOXO