teresa + nicolas [station 3 - video]

We absolutely love when our brides share their wedding videos with us! Since our job involves getting in and out before the event starts and then showing up once the guests have left, we only get to imagine the fun and magic of each night. But with amazing videos like this one by Claire McAdams Photography we get to see the magic first hand! 

Can you believe Teresa entered on Station 3's fire pole?! We were so delighted!! And Plush Party Band sure knows how to get the crowd dancing!  

We anxiously anticipate the images from this wonderful night arriving in our inbox for us to further share with you! And ff you are considering utilizing a videographer for your big day, be sure to check out our previous post on the Top 3 Reasons You Need a Videographer. Cheers! XOXO

bold dinner party with house of harper

It is still dinner party season and we love this bold tablescape Caroline from House of Harper put together! So if you are worrying how to entertain in the next week - keep scrolling for a couple tips and inspiration! Photographed by Kate Robinson with florals by Maxit Flower Design and calligraphy by Nancy B Creative.


This arrangement shape really is one of our favorites to create! It packs such a punch and will be sure to wow your guests! With a large focal point like this one, you really want to go with a simple pacesetting with clean lines for the rest of your table decor.


We also love how Caroline pulls the gold from the room to echo on the table with the flatware and candlesticks! So studying the space you will be entertaining in is key! You want it to look like you style this room like this every day (in a perfect world right?!) Let your wall decor or chandler set the underlying color scheme. 


Then after placing your focal point, in this case the centerpiece, slowly pull color and detail from there. The light purple wine glasses and sweet little figs on each napkin echo the tones of the candlesticks and play off the deep shades in the arrangement. 


And then once dinner is done - reuse the decor! We love how Caroline placed the arrangement in her front entryway so that her guests could again enjoy it once the table had been cleared! Be sure to  check out Caroline's full post here! And we hope that each of you have a wonderful holiday season! Cheers! Xoxo 

top 5 lessons from 2017

Hard to believe it is 2018 now! Where did 2017 go? At Maxit Flower Design, we fully believe that setting goals and looking forward involves a reflection on what happened over the last 365. After thought and discussion, these are the top 5 lessons that we learned in 2017.


Lesson Number 1:  It takes the right combination of people to make magic. Every year we get to meet so many new vendors that quickly become friends and are always joyed to collaborate with them. Whether it be for weddings, intimate parties, or just a cup of coffee and discussion, these people fill our studio and life to support us, dream with us, and work alongside us to create some of the most wonderful times! One of these regular collaborators is the wonderful Courtney from Little Coterie who styled this shoot. (Photography by Three Smudges Photography, Linens by Lettrefina, Food by Casually Gourmet, Signage by Slinging Inks, Florals by Maxit Flower Design) 

Lesson Number 2: You never stop learning. We were very fortunate to welcome Kiana Underwood of Tulipina Design and her team into our studio for a week of production which of course came with the gracious opportunity to learn and pick her brain on all things flowers! It was truly one of those experiences  from 2017 that we cherish. And sometimes its great to take a break from doing all of the creative direction to sweep up and clean buckets for someone else! 


Lesson Number 3: Finding your 'Number 2' is important. In 2017, Maria teamed up with Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha to create the Botanical Brouhaha podcast. (Insert shameless plug where we recommend you go download and listen to all the episodes here!) In the creation and continuous development of the podcast, Maria serves as Amy's support and sounding board. Spending time in the shoes of a 'number 2' has provided her with insight and lessons that she can take back to utilize in her own business. 

Lesson Number 4: Crafting systems for growth in business is pivotal. 2017 brought a new office manager to the Maxit Flower Design team, our own 'number 2' if you will. We will officially introduce Ashley here on the blog soon, but the last few months we have been honing in on and developing the systems needed to get to our 'next level'. She provides not only a sounding board but can focus solely on things like our booking process and the 'paperwork side' to our weddings, scheduling, and managing day to day tasks in our studio which allows for Maria to spend more time crafting and dreaming up amazing new things.


Lesson Number 5: There is no special sauce. The ups and downs that inevitably occur during the course of 365 days really reminded us that the 'secret to success' truly is made of tenacity, grit, and a lot of hard work. There is no instant solution and growth takes time. For us it has been 8 years of sweat and passion to bring Maxit Flower Design to this point in time.

This point in time in which many things are coming together to create an amazing place to jump (with our collective team feet) into this amazingness that we know 2018 will be. As long as we keep that tenacity and grit and acceptance of hard work posted on the wall to push us on!

What lessons did you learn in 2017? We hope that some of our lessons resonate with you at this start of a new year and are so beyond excited to get to work on our big ideas and goals! Cheers to 2018! May it bring you all the  joy and success that you desire! XOXO

5 reasons we do styled shoots

A Styled Shoot. If you are not in the wedding industry you may wonder what is a styled shoot? Or why wedding vendors can get so excited over creating one for themselves? In short, a styled shoot is the creation of a setting that can be captured photographically and used to display work though various ways. It is typically not a real wedding or event. But it is just as magical!

Over the last 8 years of Maxit Flower Design, we have had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing Houston wedding vendors on various styled shoots. In 2017 we participated in two full scale shoots that were truly once in a lifetime experiences! 


In our studio we chose to participate in styled shoots for a chance to develop and capture the following 5 things that we find to be the most important aspects of styled shoots:

1) Set The Tone For Our Brand.  Your first impression is of utmost importance. What did you think when you saw the first image of Maxit Flower Design? Whether it be on this website or on a social media platform, you get one shot to make a first impression and set the tone. We want the tone that you interpret to be one that is in line with the heart of our company and brand. By styling a styled shoot, we get to ensure that the aesthetic is perfect for us as a brand. 


2) Develop New Design Trends and Possibilities. At Maxit Flower Design, we are always looking to try something new. Looking to develop new tricks to keep up our sleeves and impress our clients with and styled shoots are the perfect 'test run' for these ideas! What is the perfect length of ribbon on a bouquet? What aspects of working with blackberries should we know prior to putting them on a table for a client? Did this experiment work out wonderfully? Or like a scientist, do we need to go back to the drawing board to craft another hypothesis?

3) Showcase Our Work in New Spaces. We cannot guarantee that we book a client who adores the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston the way that we do so getting the amazing opportunity to develop a styled shoot there is the next best thing! Then we get to work there! And capture these amazing images so that our next client, who maybe never thought of utilizing a museum as a venue, would be able to picture what her wonderful day could look like! 

4) Work With New Vendors and Building Relationships. Hands down the best part (besides creating romance from scratch!) is working alongside some amazing hearts that get obsessed about details as much as I do! We have various weddings throughout the year and love getting to see our friends working in their respective businesses but that is work. We are providing the best for our client and it is not a place for chats and hugs. However styled shoots, were we are the clients, we get to talk shop and laugh while we try out those hypothesis we've had! And then the next wedding where a certain element is needed, we know the right person to bring in to the mix so that our clients experience the best possible day.


5) Enjoy Creative Freedom. Styled shoots are not all play. They are just as much work as any wedding or event except that styled shoots are up to us. We get to experiment. Play with color or texture. Test out materials or that crazy idea we have that could look so very cool! And developing styled shoots is something that you have to work on. Some shoots come easier than others but here at Maxit Flower Design, we truly love tackling the challenges that come with the never ending drive to try something new and different for our brides. 


The biggest of all thanks to the following vendors for making these beautiful images possible:

We will post more about this shoot soon so be sure to check back for all the gorgeousness! Cheers! XOXO

madeline + cameron [couples session]

After wedding sessions and anniversary sessions really do not get enough credit! While we normally work with brides leading up to their big day, it is always a treat when we get to work with married couples to help create another magical day for them! It is one of the truest forms of 'treat yourself' that we really love! Madeline and Cameron booked the amazing Mustard Seed Photography to capture a some sweet moments between the couple at Hughes Manor and we were thrilled to create this garden-style, all white bouquet for Madeline.


These photos are the perfect example that one stunning bouquet can truly elevate your photographs! How florals help to create a romantic and sophisticated aesthetic to any occasion! How the playful nature of white veronica casts a lighthearted spin on a rose bouquet. And of course we always love adding delicate silk ribbon to our bouquets to produce an ethereal feeling.  


At Maxit Flower Design, we pride ourselves with crafting every floral design with thought and intention. We study shape and color, movement and texture combinations that work together simultaneously to convey the perfect feeling. Our designs are unique and mini works of art and we would love to create something meaningful and beautiful for you. XOXO

holiday table styling tips with L. Avenue

Yes I know that Thanksgiving already came and went! We ate the turkey and we shopped a little bit too much! But setting your Thanksgiving table can also be a test run for setting your Christmas table! 

Last month we were delighted to parter with Lyndsey Zorich of L. Avenue for some holiday table styling! Below you will find a couple floral styling tips to make table styling a breeze for you this season. 


Holiday Table Styling Tip No. 1 - Do not feel like you are 'stuck' using the typical holiday colors! Thanksgiving decor typically comes in shades of orange, maroon, brown. Christmas decor typically comes in either red, green or white. But you are not forced to use these colors! Especially when it comes to floral! Think outside the box. For this arrangement we did utilize fall foliage but we also added dusty rose blooms to break up the color. 


Holiday Table Styling Tip No. 2 - Decide early on what your focal point will be. In this case, the florals were the focal point and the remaining items accented the arrangement instead of distracting or blocking the view. Lyndsey's use of clear candle sticks is the perfect example! You do not want competing visuals when the focus should be on those around the table, the conversation, and the food! 


Holiday Table Styling Tip No. 3 - Consider the views from each seat! Again, Lyndesy's use of the clear candle sticks allowed for her end-table guests to still view the floral arrangement and the guest at the other end of the table! We do not style our tables to seclude guests from each other! The holidays are about coming together and enjoying company and your table styling should reflect just that!


For further details and shoppable links, you can check out Lyndesy's blog post here. Thank you Lyndsey for a wonderful styling session! XOXO

top 3 reasons you need a videographer

Your big day. You spend months, possibly years planning for it. It's perfect. From the details of your dress, to his tie, to the perfect music and the romantic florals. You are committing yourself to your favorite person in the world. In front of the rest of your favorite friends and family. You soak up every single moment as the day progresses...and yet it goes by in such a flash! 

Photographers have the amazing ability to capture the joyous day for brides and grooms to decorate their homes with and fondly remember their day. They are definitely worth investing in.

And then we have videographers! Something that used to be a grainy-VHS-version of your Aunt's wedding where you were once a flower girl has evolved into a cinematic encapsulation of your big day! Complete with the sounds and goosebumps that made your day so perfect. 

So what three reasons are there that you should include hiring a videographer for your wedding?

  1. It documents the love, vows, and joy-filled moments between your and your significant other in a beautifully cut and edited way. Plus it captures the great dance moves of your crazy Uncle Bob for all eternity!
  2. You can share the link with all your friends and family! That way those that were unable to make it can still experience the wonderful day you committed to your favorite person. Plus your children will be able to experience the day - even if they don't arrive for years afterwards!
  3. You can relive the entire day whenever you please! Every anniversary? Every Friday night? It is yours to watch and reminisce whenever your heart desires!

Convinced yet? Just check out this video below! Created by Brittan Pittman of our lovely couple Julie & Josh from their Chandelier Grove wedding! Cue the goosebumps and teary eyes right?! 

So now you are convinced! A videographer is definitely something worth working into your plan for the happiest day of your life.

And on the above wedding - We absolutely loved crafting the florals for Julie & Josh's big day! The decor we placed on the ceremony arch has been one of our most requested items to date! You can find more beautiful details from their day in photographic form on our Portfolio here! Cheers! XOXO

jennifer + doug [ashton gardens west]

Jennifer and Doug were married on a perfect day in September at Ashton Gardens West. We thoroughly enjoyed planning the florals for their day alongside their planner, Beth from Keely Thorne Events, and we are excited to share with you today the amazing images captured by The Cotton Collective!


Hanging silk ribbon is one of our favorite details in creating bridal bouquets a. It's such a little detail that truly complements the romance of any wedding day. We are working on a fun little project that will allow you to see a lot more of our silk ribbon fun very soon! 


Also can we talk about the simplicity and gorgeousness that is all white floral with greenery against classic black suits and soft blush dresses? We love how these colors will stand the test of time and ever-changing bridal styles. And the classic dip-kiss shot...how amazing are these as well?!

Jennifer and Doug's joy on their big day was just as large as the gorgeous Ohara and Escimo roses that filled Jennifer's bouquet. And Cotton Collective can always play with magic to capture the best sun-filled images!


To accent the heartfelt ceremony, we covered the altar cross with lots of greenery and lush blooms. We also utilized our large white urns and wonderful white pillars to place two grand arrangements at the entrance to the isle. 


We continued the lush blooms and greenery into the reception entrance with varying gold mercury bud vases and garland. The garden feel that started with the bouquets, was carried into the ceremony with the cross and urn arrangements, straight through the reception entrance and became a full garden experience in the ballroom!


For the head table, we created one of our favorite table garlands with the wonderful draping of the lush greenery and blooms onto the floor. Also we got to utilize our new taper candle hurricanes which are very quickly becoming a studio favorite! We continued the garden feel by draping the spit staircase in greenery, blooms and pillar candles. 


And then the cake! We absolutely love taking the best blooms and tiny little buds to create a wonderful floral sash! Sometimes we allow the cake artist to place the blooms that we chose but in this case, we exercised our creativity and were quite happy with the results! 


We loved transforming Ashton Gardens West into the perfect garden reception for Jennifer and Doug. We wish them all the best in their lives and marriage! Cheers! XOXO

shopping party [magpies gifts]

We partnered up with Courtney and her company, Little Coterie yet again for a fun shopping party at Magpies Gifts in Bellaire! We are seriously loving each and every event that Courtney produces for Little Coterie. Each one is full of so many details, and we LOVE details! Keep scrolling for more details and photos by Lawrence Knox.  


We opted for a large fun arrangement full of some of our favorite blooms - in amazing colors! We wanted to bring the best garden inside to Magpie's space where its nice and air-conditioned! Plus why not have one last hurrah with summer colors before the fall air arrived in Houston?


As the seasons shift though, we are still obsessed with garden urns! They are just so versatile and raise the level of every single bloom we add to the arrangements in them! 


This party was a bright and early one so that moms could drop off their kiddos at school and come enjoy some shopping, bites, and coffee! All the custom paper products were created by HH Design House, including these cheeky napkins, donut boxes, and straw flags! Mom's deserve to celebrate themselves! 


Magpie's shop was a vision of its own! Just look at those tassels hanging around the cash register! You know you'll have a wonderful time coming here to pick out the perfect gift for a teacher, friend, kid, or even yourself! The party and morning was just as bright and festive as the florals we crafted! 


Thank you again for another fabulous event Courtney! We are so excited to keep crafting these fun and adventurous floral creations for you! And to our readers, be sure to check back for some of the other fun events Maxit + Little Coterie have partnered up for! Cheers! Xoxo.

continued learning

Investing in your own education might be the most important thing you can do for your business.  I think all of us small business owners know this but seriously, when do we have the time.  Miraculously the time, the money and the perfect workshop aligned. And you know I jumped on this as quickly as possible.

The studio Sinclair and Moore Maxit Top 5.jpg

So off I was to Seattle to visit one of my all time favorite designers, Steve Moore of Sinclair and Moore.  He was hosting an Event Design workshop at a time where I was about to launch this service for my clients, and thought this has to be a sign.  Chris, my fiance, was itching to see his friend that happened to live in Seattle so we booked it and don't regret it.

As I anticipated what the week would bring, I never imagined what would actually occur.  I think we all believe that others have an answer that we are longing to hear and know all about.  That someone else's path is easier because they found the secret sauce.  Wouldn't that be nice?  In reality I discovered that he works is ass off and he deserves all the success he has and will continue to have... I could stop there because honestly that's 90% of it.  But I broke down the top 5 things I learned at The Sinclair and Moore Workshop for fun, but also to look back and have a place to remember these moments.

Peonies Maxit Houston Wedding.jpg

1) Kill them with kindness.  I am a firm believer in kindness leading the path to success.  It was so relieving to see that he is determined to do the same.  He and his wife and the kindest souls.

2) Pay attention to the details.  He runs a small boutique service that is dominated by the attention to detail.  When I get a little lazy and think someone won't notice I think of Steve.  Because from what we all love about his aesthetic... it truly is all in the details.

3) Your team matters.  Steve surrounds himself with likeminded ambitious people.  That are driven, kind, pay attention to detail and have his vision at the forefront of all things they do.  It's so obvious and addicting.

4) Stay driven.  Even if it makes his vendor uncomfortable, he demands excellency.  He humbly discusses requesting tasks done over, and over again to nauseam, to make sure the vision is accomplished. I have to imagine it drives people crazy, but I know why... the perfection matters.  And let's all admit that it makes a difference.

5) Mistakes happen.  Let's get super real, everyone loves seeing someone else deal with difficult times.  Not because you want to watch the train wreck, but because it allows someone to be relatable. Be flexible and allow option B to run as smoothly as option A.  


Thanks Steve, for your humility, honesty and drive.  You have taught me so much and giving me many things to ponder, discuss and continue to learn.  

maram + adam [crystal ballroom]

Every once in a while, a wedding comes along where the portraits of the Bride and Groom and wedding party are so great that an entire blog post dedicated to just those shots are needed...and Maram and Adam's wedding shot by Candice Adelle Photography at the Crystal Ballroom is one of those weddings!  Keep scrolling for all the wonderful images! 


For the florals we designed, we utilized anemone, dahlias, roses, peonies, and dusty miller. We kept the florals in light and romantic tones of white and light blush. The balconies and the Crystal Ballroom really are a superb place to shoot so we wanted to make sure that all the florals accented the bright, airiness of the space!


And can you get enough of Adam's reaction during the first look?! Moments like these make our job so fulfilling! The couple exudes joy and love! Combined with the gorgeous images I could just live in this feeling all day!


For Maram's bridesmaids we crafted similar bouquets in dusty pink and cream to pop against their navy dresses. We also love how the blue in the few anemone throughout the bouquets pop!


We also love keeping our Maxit grooms dashing with simple boutonnieres. These gentlemen shared a bond with Adam that included military service and we love that they incorporated their bond into the big day with their backpacks!


While choosing photos to share with you, I was so impressed by how Maram and Adam's personalities shined through every single shot. As I scrolled, I felt they were with me in the room, laughing and being silly. Their bridal party encouraged the joy in the day as you can see below! 


We wish Maram and Adam the best! Thank you for trusting us to help your day be perfectly romantic and heartfelt! Cheers! XOXO

going away party [el tiempo]

We partnered up with Courtney and her company, Little Coterie again for a fun, fabulous and festive going away dinner at El Tiempo Cantina on Navigation!   This party, captured by Kerry Kirk Photography, was influenced by the colorful culture of Mexico and echoed the hard-working and loving personalities that come from it. Plus you can never go wrong with a tart margarita and some delicious food! 


We opted to create a long, hand-tied eucalyptus garland filled with hot pink roses, spray roses, and touches of ranunculus! We knew that the pink would pop against the decor of the restaurant and still leave space for the queso and salsa to fit! 


The festive dinner was further accented with rentals from Goodie Rentals, a division of Little Coterie. They have such a fun eye to find the best pieces to complete any party or event! 


And what about these poppers?! They were filled by Courtney with memories of the guest of honor and were read out loud during the dinner! What a wonderful touch! 

We loved being a part of this important moment for the guests and thank Courtney for the opportunity! 

Thank you a hundred times over for trusting us, Courtney. You are a joy to work with! XOXO

alicia + brady [briscoe manor]

This past July, darling Alicia and Brady tied the knot in a lush garden affair at Briscoe Manor.  We just received the images from the always-talented Mustard Seed Photography and are excited to share all the details below! 


The day was full of large white roses, overflowing hydrangeas, and tons of greenery! We also crafted delicate floral crowns with our favorite petite flower, the wax flower! These little beauties add the perfect touch for adorable flower girls! 


The bride and her gals had a wonderful time getting ready and came together with their elegant bouquets full of gorgeous white blooms! We love how the simplicity of the white and green pops against the bridesmaids dresses and also further enhances the brides sophisticiation!  


The groom and his men donned classic black tuxedos and we accented them with white boutonnieres of spray roses. 

Briscoe Manor has the perfect outdoor spot for a welcome sign! To accent the ornate gold frame we created a garland of eucalyptus and lemon leaf with an accenting touch of white blooms! We echoed this light garland inside the chapel to attach to the hanging draping. We doubled the garland at the bottom and added white blooms to the tie-backs to create a garden feel inside.  


We always love the photos that Mustard Seed captures but how about the fun and sassiness from the flower girls and ring bearer below! These little ones brought such life and fun to the procession and we are so happy that Mustard Seed caught these moments on camera! The older flower girl had an absolute blast sprinkling her rose petals down the aisle. 


After the ceremony and lovely kiss between the bride and groom, they got to steal a few moments away and shine in front of the camera! The couple was ready to enjoy their garden reception though, keep scrolling for all the greenery! 


For the reception space, we drenched the room in lush hydrangeas and roses. Our favorite roses to use include a mixture of Eskimo, Tibet, and White Majolika spray roses!  We also love how well these white blooms accent the warmth of Briscoe Manor's space from the natural stone walls and wooden ceiling.


Our favorite detail of the day was the garland we added to the sweetheart bench for the happy couple! Combined with the Mr. and Mrs. sign on the table and the large greenery backdrop, it was quite a beautiful sight! 

When it comes to greenery, we love Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and Lemon Leaf. Not only do they have fun shapes and texture but they also smell just heavenly! Wouldn't you love for your reception space to not only have the look of a romantic garden but the smell of one too?

We wish Alicia and Brady all the happiness in the world! It was so fun to create the perfect lush garden for your big day! We also cannot wait to work with Briscoe Manor and Mustard Seed Photography again! Cheers! XOXO


featured [flower magazine]

Fall is finally here! Officially at least because in Houston the fall weather won't arrive for a while longer! But with the official season shift, we acknowledge that floral decor also shifts towards the deeper, richer "fall" colors and vibe! 

Enter Flower Magazine! They have collected floral insight from eight different floral designers and we are so happy to be included on their list! My feature is entitled "A Recipe in Bloom" can be found here! It is a How-To where I outline step-by-step what you need to create your own arrangement like mine! Below you can find a few details from my feature and some of my other favorite designers in the article! 


For me, fall means more time hosting family and creating delicious spreads of food! One day while I was shopping at Central Market I fell in love with the colorful selections in the produce aisle and knew that I wanted to utilize the scents and texture I was enjoying into an arrangement! One of my personal secrets is to add herbs to an arrangement for not only the play of colors and textures, but also the intoxicating aromas, which will make others fall in love with the design!


I had such a fun time crafting this arrangement and capturing my step-by-step process so that YOU can create your own fall arrangement the next time you find yourself in a grocery store with amazing produce! You can check out my full how-to here and I'd love to be tagged in any photos you take of your our creations! 


If you'd rather eat your veggies than decorate with them, the article has seven more articles for you to enjoy! I feel so very lucky to be featured with some of my all-time favorite designers! 

One designer I admire, Erin Benzakein, has her own flower farm and her contribution to the article "Top Tips for Working With Mums" utilizes many blooms from the chrysanthemum family. You can check out Erin's tips here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.13.23 PM.png

Another personal favorite designer of mines is Joy Thigpen from Atlanta. In Joy's feature, "Fall Out: A Bold Autumn Arrangement", she outlines the materials and steps she took to create the bright and beautiful arrangement below! You can check out Joy's how-to here.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 12.12.48 PM.png

So even if the weather outside does not agree that it is fall yet, you can still utilize florals inside your space to invoke the colors and smell of autumn! 

Thank you so much to Flower Magazine for allowing me to be a part of this feature! I hope that you enjoy the insight into my flower design process and that it inspires you to create your own fun fall arrangement. XOXO

tomiko + braxton [mcgovern centennial gardens]

It's been a little while since we shared a wedding on here! It's just been a season of parties! But this wedding, shot by the absolutely amazing Joseph West, is a fabulous one to follow up all the intimate events we've been sharing. 

Presenting Tomiko and Braxton's wedding at the McGovern Centennial Gardens as captured in all the stunning and artistic fashion that Mr. West is know for. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 11.14.53 AM.pngbridal-party-centennial-gardens-modern-wedding-moody-photography-joseph-west-maxit-flower-design-in-houston-texas

For the bridal party, we kept the color with the bride and groom. The groom donned a deep purple calla lily and the bride carried an asymmetrical bouquet with peonies, garden roses, and spray roses in shades of blush, deep pink and wine.  


The aisle was decorated with loose stems in an ombre color palate starting with deep reddish pink and ending in white as the bride met her groom at the alter. A backdrop of hanging white paper cranes accented the loving ceremony. 


This event was filled with so many fun details and vendors! Loot Vintage Rentals and Aztec USA provided the various rentals throughout the reception area. We accented with lots of pops of color and single stem bud vases. The reception took place under a large white tent from Peerless Events & Tents and draped by Tech Ave Events. Our favorite floral contributions included:

  • Hanging loose flowers over the head table;
  • A photo booth backdrop of loose flowers; and
  • A lush garland draping the center chandelier dripping in roses.

During the reception, the Bride and Groom snuck away with Joseph to capture their love with artful photographs. Our favorite has to be the cloudy backdrop Joseph captured towards the end of the evening!  


Other vendors involved in this amazing evening include planning by Caroline from Belle of the Ball, videography by Cake Walk Films, hair and makeup by Lucky Cat Beauty, cake by Susie's Cakes, catering by Cafe Natalie, and DJ from LG Entertainment.

We absolutely enjoyed flexing our artistic muscles to collaborate on this beautiful day for Tomiko and Braxton and cannot wait for the next opportunity to work with theses talented vendors again! XOXO


baby shower [baby bear]

We love the community of creative business owners and event professionals that we get to work alongside in Houston. Many of these end up as sweet friends that we get to watch grow in life and in love! Corley and Ben from Spell Events are the perfect example of two amazing wedding planners that have become friends. So when the Spell's announced their bundle of joy I knew that not only would we have the opportunity to assist in throwing them a magical baby shower but that it would be a beautiful affair with some of the best Houston people involved!

Our friends at The Cotton Collective captured these adorable images from the shower that took place at The Space HTX. Dear friend to the Spells, Cake & Confetti, contributed her love for balloons to the day with the elegant installation above the dessert spread. 


We used lots of greenery and soft blooms to accent the space and cake by Whisk Bakery. The space was filled with furniture and linen rentals from Aztec USA and A Fine Flourish created all of the beautiful signage and gift tags for the shower. 


Other vendors that contributed to the shower include: mocktails provided by Palace Party Beverage Company, adorable custom sugar cookies by Okie Doughkie, catering by MyLeighs Morsels, and additional dessert items from Sweet Maries Dessert Studio and Triffles Houston. Needles to say that all of the attendees enjoyed the vast array of sweets and drinks! Each guest also got to take home an adorable bear shipped candle in honor of the little babe. 


For the mamma-to-be we crafted a soft floral crown to accent her hair and makeup from Tousled and Teased. Corley absolutely glowed and Ben kept the biggest smile on his face the entire day! We know that these two are going to make wonderful parents and we cannot wait for their little bundle of joy to arrive! XOXO

galveston shoot on a whim

As we get back into the swing of business after Hurricane Harvey, we were delighted to receive these beautiful photos from a Galveston photo session shot by the wonderful Kelly Hornberger Photography

Kelly is one of my dear friends so when she asked me to collaborate on this romantic idea that she had, I of course said yes! 


In light of the hurricane, I love how these soft images capture the cool colors of the beach and the call of the ocean. So much beauty can be found from the elements of the earth. Lithesome Lettering provided the elegant invitation suite and place cards for the shoot. 


The table scape was filled with conch shells accented in soft pinks and I echoed those colors in the florals. The cream and rose shades also accented the blues of the majestic ocean backdrop. The dress was provided by Lovely Bride.  


Kelly's eye for beauty and respect for our earth and all it's elements above and below is something that I greatly admire. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to work with her again, especially when I know that her effort and images will be spectacular!  XOXO

birthday dinner party [private residence]

We've said this before...but have to say it again: We love Courtney and her company, Little Coterie. That serious girl-crush status is still going strong! Each of her events are so wonderfully detailed that we can't help but drool over every single one!  

This time around, we got to assist with a black, white, and gold birthday party captured by Kerry Kirk Photography


We decorated the table with bright greenery to pop against the gold and black. The festive dinner was further accented by candlesticks from Goodie Rentals, a division of Little Coterie. Goodie Rentals also provided the vintage cake platter for that decadent cake! The menus and paper products were designed by HH Design House. All in all it was a glamorous evening with the company of close friends and a hint of whimsy. The best way to celebrate any birthday!


We love every concept that Courtney delivers and enjoy helping her craft the details through our love of floral design! We can't wait until she dreams up the next party! 

Thank you a hundred times over for trusting us, Courtney. You are a joy to work with! XOXO

end of summer soiree [house of harper]

It's time for back to school already?!

Man, summer sure flew by!  

Summer goes by faster and faster each year! Though the summer temperatures are here to stay a bit longer, August means school is back in session and the official summer break comes to a close. We swap sunscreen for notebooks and pool floats for backpacks! 

 When Caroline from House of Harper reached out about an End of Summer Soiree, complete with margaritas, we were so excited to participate! As a supermom blogger to two boys, Caroline chose to celebrate the end of summer with a bright and colorful bar cart, complete with a big pink balloon! Caroline has flawless taste and we have previously worked with her for her 4th of July celebration which you can check out here!  


Caroline's vision included transporting her guests to the plush and tropical landscape of Acapulco so we went bright and colorful with a variety of pink blooms and tropical leaves.  We also crafted the arrangements in gold geometric vases to add a pop of glamour to the evening! 


Caroline invited her dear friend, Nancy of Natalie Gene Creative to bring The Original Margarita recipe to life on one of the large Monstera leaves. Nancy's calligraphy style meshed perfectly with the playful vibe in honor of a wonderful summer!  


For the dinner, we created a garland of Monstera with accenting pink blooms including the always-fun light pink Anthurium! Nancy also provided invitations printed on clear acrylic to further elevate the pink, gold and greenery place settings. 

Don't those margarita's look refreshing? After a sweltering summer there really is no better way to cool off than with great company and a perfectly crafted drink in hand! However, no soirees are complete without florals influencing the atmosphere!


Aille from Snapshots by Aille Petrovic captured Caroline's soiree perfectly! With the vibrant colors and fun setting, you can practically feel the Acapulco breeze wafting through Caroline's backyard!


The end of summer is always bittersweet. But sure is a lot more sweeter when ending it in such a fabulous way! We wish each of you a productive school year, whether you are in school, have littles in school, or are out of school but constantly learning! Cheers!

hailey + miles [briscoe manor]

We have had a non-stop spring and summer in the studio and are finally getting the chance to share all of the goodness that we've worked on! Be on the lookout for all the beautiful images in the near future! 

Hailey and Miles chose a beautiful October evening to stand before their family and friends to commit their hearts to each other.  Mustard Seed Photography captured all of the best moments from the joyous day that took place at Briscoe Manor in Katy. 


The mix of white florals and greenery always steals our hearts and was the perfect choice for this beautiful day at Briscoe Manor.  The ivory, white and touches of greenery accented the sophistication of the day. The Bride even took it a step further and donned a floral crown made with the same mix of roses, hydrangea and greenery as her luscious bouquet.  


Hailey's bridesmaids donned a mix of blush and rose gold dresses so we added touches of pink to their bouquets! We added touches of Camellia Greenery to their bouquets as well as similar ribbon to the brides. The bridesmaids' joy for Hailey's big day was palpable and the laughs where often and big all throughout the day.  


For the heartfelt ceremony, we chose to accent the stone-walled alter with organic hanging similax. Tiny touches of white and ivory flowers  were sprinkled throughout. We knew that the greenery would make a sublte yet impactful accent to the room and, as as we've said before, a little greenery can go a long way! The focus of this day was the union between these two souls and Briscoe Manor's chapel makes that such an easy thing to accomplish.  


Hailey and Miles glowed with joy during their photo session after the ceremony. Now as husband and wife, the two could not keep their eyes off of each other. The Groom's boutonniere was simple and featured spray roses with accenting greenery. It looked as if it was plucked straight from the Bride's bouquet! 


When a couple is so full of love and joy as this one was, you want the florals and atmosphere of the day to reflect the beauty of love back on the couple. A couple ways in which we do this is:

  • Keep florals neutral and light - the Bride and Groom should be the visual focus of the space.
  • Make arrangements luscious and elegant - the florals are the whipped cream to the day and should promote the sweetness and playfulness to the celebration. 
  • Add warmth to the space with the use of candles - warmth and love go hand in hand so use the amber glow of a flame to reflect the love in the room.

The reception area was focused on the happy couple and added warmth with a variety of candles and shades of rose gold, ivory, blush, and touches of greenery. A 40 foot garland dropped the head table with luscious hydrangeas and greenery 


The simple elegance of the venue was a big inspiration for the floral design. Guest tables were a mix of small arrangements and loose greenery with candles. The mix of arrangements allowed for ample conversation between guests who gushed about the lovely bride and groom and the wonderful time they were having!


Hailey and Miles chose to accent their cake with white florals and accenting greenery and their new monogram. 


After an evening of celebrating, Hailey and Miles embarked on their new life as a married couple under a shower of petals. We wish the couple many years of happiness and love! Cheers to a beautiful day and a beautiful couple!