Flowers and Coffee

I couldn't be more excited this morning to have gotten last week accomplished and done! It is some of the most challenging times in the wedding industry to incorporate a wedding and a holiday in the same week.  We are already pulled in so many directions, but to add family/friends from out of town to the mix can add a certain amount of stain that can challenged even the most seasoned pros.

To say 'no' to the ones we love the most, is the most challenging part of the business.  I am severely passionate about flowers, design and the wedding/event industry but I know it adds a strain to my relationships.  It's impossible for everyone to understand the commitment level to our clients and to our art work. It's during this holiday times that these strains are made even more apparent.  I wish I could invite everyone of them to see what I do, to experience the love and passion I have.  Until that day happens, I will continue to pray for understanding, compassion and love from the ones that I have to say 'no' to.