For the first time in my life I will admit the truth behind this weekend and how I am LOVING the silence! Not a single phone call for flowers, no emails, no random yelp callers, NOTHING. Let me explain.  When I first started my career in the flower industry I worked Valentine's Day in flower shops.  If anyone has ever done this, you know what this entails. It's dog work.

I decided when I started my business, almost 6 years ago I would concentrate on event and wedding flowers and remove myself from the insanity of retail flower shops.  Yes, insanity! They are some hard working people ya'll and after 5 years of doing it, I walked alway and never looked back.  Ok, I crawled away, bloody, broken and never wanting to walk into a flower shop again for the rest of my life.  In those five years I worked (physically) harder than I ever thought was possible, I missed every single birthday, christmas, thanksgiving, event, cocktail hr, happy hr, anything that was fun or memorable. It was sad, lonely and very humbling.  I worked for pennies and worked for a flower shops that were amazing, but struggled just like we all do.

 But it was exactly what I needed to to do get the crucial experience to create the business I have created since then.  And so I learned, Valentine's Day flower delivery was NOT for me.  And for the first time this year, after 6 years of owning my business, I have branded myself appropriately to help everyone understand that I do not deliver everyday flowers, and I do not do Valentine's day flowers.  Not only did this make the last two years of serious branding work, hours of hounding Yelp to edit the information on their link to my business and endless denials to friends, customers and strangers who said they would pay anything for a delivery.  I've had the sweetest requests, largest budgets and for the most adorable reasons... I work break, I folded and did deliveries and regretted it every time! It's like asking the cookie baker to deliver a pizza.  Ya they can do it, and do it dam well.  But it's just not what they do.

Give those amazing local flower shops your business, they deserve it.  And when that moment comes where you have that special event, that wedding, the fundraiser, the gala... call me!