Hey there! We are so glad that you are interested in our workshops.  Even tough we don't have a current workshop scheduled, we will keep everyone posted on the latest workshops via email, please sign up to our email list for current information:

Interested in a private one on one? A day of learning technique, design, floral curating and styling with owner and creative director, Maria Elisa Maxit. Please email us with any question as we hand tailor each session to the needs of each client.

Private Floral Session
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Photos from Our Last Workshops

Beginner's Flower Design Workshop

Photography by: Jared @ Sugar & Cloth & Aelish Wilmot ; Styling & Location: Sugar & Cloth

Flowers and Flourishes Workshop - A Calligraphy & Flower Crown workshop

Photography by: Paige from Awake Photography ; Calligraphy by Kristara Calligraphy

Private One-On-One Session

Photography by Kendall Hannah Photography