fall colors: adding unexpected tones to your palette

Exploring color is one of the elements of design that we love the most. As much as I have love for neutrals, exploring with new color palettes that are unexpected is very rewarding.

Fall has a tendency to bring all the oranges and yellows out, but adding to those tones is where the magic happens. When we look at nature, Fall leaves have an insane amount of colors that we tend to overlook. With this particular arrangement we tried to add those tones that can be forgotten.

The soft peaches, rusts, and sages add the perfect hues to soften those harsher yellow tones. We also added textures with those colors that keep it interesting and fun. I played with the idea of designing with these colors in a manner that helps move your eye through out the arrangement. I wanted to see if grouping colors will create what is seen in Fall forests. That you see a grouping of all orange trees, then a grouping of red trees all in one glance. It seems like nature is the leader of design.


We used the following blooms to make this arrangement come together:

1) Fall Eucalyptus

2) Ranunculus

3) Field Grown Garden Roses

4) Lisianthus

5) Butterfly Ranunculus

6) Foraged Privett Berries

7) Jasmine

8) Roses

9) Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

I used this clear urn to keep that element simple. As the colors were going to be on the more fussy side I wanted to see what this one would like if we kept the urn less distracting and keeping the focal point on the flowers. This urn is one of my favorites, it is timeless, simple, clean and brings an element of an old world feel that we always love.

Design, Styling and Photography by: Maxit Flower Design

we can't do it alone: having a in-house team and vendor team that rocks, makes a difference


This past weekend, not different than most, reminded me the value of team work. Not only with my team at the studio but the team at the venue. To feel supported, cared for and thought of during the setup from the venue is something that has been elevated by The Revaire. Their team not only thought about how to make all the vendors have an easy load in and load out, they thought of how to keep them safe.


They supply scissor lifts, ladders, easy load in, overnight storage of supplies, set ups starting days before, and breakdown on Monday mornings. But more importantly you feel like you are part of the team. These items and flexibility is what makes each event go smoothly, and feel less rushed.

Breaking down an event on Monday allows us to stay off the roads in the middle of the night. Breaking down an event might be one of the most hazardous elements of our job. My team is tired and have been working 12hr days since Monday morning to make it all come together. By Saturday night everyone is EXHAUSTED!!! Not only are we not at our very best, but lets be real roads at midnight to 4am are not the safest in Houston, Texas. As we have one of the biggest drinking and driving record in the States.

So I tip my hat off to you The Revaire for making us a priority. To make us feel like part of the team. We appreciate you and thank you. And side note, lets see if we can make this breakdown on Monday a thing. For our safety. PLEASE!


Styling, design, floral and photography by Maxit Flower Design.

from our view: taking photographs of our own work

As my team grows, new possibilities arise. Time frees up and working 18 hr days is a thing of the past. Phew!! Enter photography, one of my side passions that keeps me inspired and busy when I am not designing flowers or working on this business.

I believe that WE can only capture our work in a way that best represents us. We work with some of the most amazing photographers and they truly do an amazing job photographing our work. And just like all photographers photograph differently, they all see things differently as well. What I love about my arrangement is not what they love, the flower that took me years to source is only another rose in their eyes.

There is no way to fully communicate to them all the intricacies of the design. The textures that you finally got your hands on, the fact that the arrangement has a front and a back, the container having a small chip…. it’s endless and they would think I was crazy if I told them everything.

So after many years of thinking this through I realized that I had to learn the art of photography. Practice, practice, practice and get to shooting my work the way I wanted it to look. Catching all those little items that I love through my lens.

Here is a series of images from a design session where I did the styling, the arrangement and the photography. Let me know what you think:

Maxit-Flower-Design-Styling-Flowers-On-Table-Wedding-Event-Florist- Crab-Apples.png

we create because we have to: seeking inspiration from everything

I remember distinctly when my mother would make sure I would refer to myself as an ARTIST. She would correct me, and help me understand why it was so important.

There is something indescribable that burns within us (Artists) that makes us need to create. I can’t focus, I get fidgety, and overall anxious when I have an idea that I need to see come to fruition. I never acknowledged this as I believed this was a general human condition, a way that everyone felt.

The older I get the more I notice that this is what is called artistry: the need to create a vision that overwhelms you.

A couple days ago this happened. I thought I needed coffee and just to get up from my desk as I had been creating proposals, and paying taxes. So who wouldn’t want to move around after that. But the urge to create the arrangement I had it my head was overwhelming. I had to go pickup some flowers from the wholesaler and create something. I ended up creating the arrangement seen in the “handmade: it cost more” blog post.

I felt instant relief. Like an addict getting their buzz from their cigarette. I felt more relaxed, calm and overall content with life. And I won’t even begin to mention how adding photography to the bag of fun make me feel.

The need to create is something that I never knew, as a child, I could use to build a business from. That I could turn that energy into something profitable. Something so filled with passion and joy that would then be sought out by community. It all seems a little wild if you ask me. But it’s the best kind of wild I could have ever dreamt up.

Today I consider myself an artist, a creator.

How amazing is this skeleton leaf? Is a bleached preserved leaf that gives the most romantic soft touch to this arrangement. Looking forward to adding this delicate touch to our upcoming events and weddings.

Amazing photography by Kelli Durham Photography

setting the standard: creating the event you want to see


When I started this business I was bull headed and had many thoughts on how it would all go.  Some of the thoughts were wildly incorrect and other turned into structures that I still hang on to.  For example, I thought it would be easy, I thought that if I produce good work people will come.  It's not easy, but people will come.  Yes it is true... if you build it they will come.  But no one tells you how long the building process will take.  

I also don't have a store front (which 8 years ago was a wild thought in our market) as we work out of a warehouse that we've converted into a super cute space. I remember nay sayers who thought I would never be seen and it would be difficult to grow my business.  It was difficult but the vision that I has was mine and knew it would work.  

So many times in life we have a gut feeling that comes over us and we push it aside.  We might have too many people's opinions we listen to or are just insecure about pulling the trigger. I see this all the time when people are making decisions for their wedding/event.  Client's have a vision for their event and get persuaded by a well meaning photographer, event planner or friend to move in a direction that was not their original vision.  TRUST ME... there are many reasons to listen to your friends and other vendors! But listen to your gut.

Make sure the event you are planning resembles you.  We want your guest to know it was something you planned, a true reflection of you, when they walk into the room.  All we do is just play a small part in making it happen.

Gorgeous images by Dana Fernandez Photography

Why two different colored bouquets?  No, our bride did not request this.  There was an error on our end and we were lucky enough to have both of them photographed! She asked for an all white bouquet... but apparently we got so excited about the colors, we sent that one first.  

Dana, the amazing photographer, shot us a call and told us about our hiccup. We quickly whipped up the white bouquet and got it to our beautiful bride right in time for her to walk down the aisle.

Phew! Can we get an amen for working with some of the most thoughtful vendors?! What would we ever do without the people that make us look good and make us feel that we are part of a bigger team.  The vendor team! 

We were so thankful she spoke up. Because she did we got a chance to fix our error and make it right. She will look back on her wedding day and it will be a true reflection of her. And for that reason alone, we are so thankful for her.