getting inspired through travel


We had to get away. Going on three months straight with out a day off can have its toll on you. The grind can own you. It’s bizarre, but it can get addicting.

To step away can be scary at times as business ownership is very demanding. And at times we might make it feel more demanding than it is when we are feeling overwhelmed. What I have realized this happens more often when we don’t take time off.

It is so rare that we get weeks without weddings, particularly this past year, that sneaking a last minute trip was the only way we could make it happen.

So why not Paris. It had been on my list for a while and couldn’t believe I had made it this far without going. So Chris, my fiance, surprised me with the idea and 7 days before we jumped on the airplane, we got on our computers and booked the trip.

Spontaneity is one of my love languages. I feel the need to make things happen when they are not planned helps keep me young and excited about the endless possibilities of life.


I brought my camera and only took it out on some adventures. I can get all consumed with taking pics and not living in that particular moment that I need to edit the times I bring her. Here are some of the pics that I had to share with you, and only hope you can enjoy them as much as I did.

The ones posted are some from around Paris, and mostly on a day trip we took to Versailles.


a winter palette revisited: adding blush to the all white table scape


We sure do love an all white event. We are a sucker for a classic look as it allows us to concentrate on details and textures that we love. But there is always room in these classic color palettes to add a little touch of the unexpected.

In the wedding industry we see blush all the time. But have you seen in at an event, private dinner or Holiday party? It’s a rare day. So we though we would bring you inspiration on how to add a small touch that won’t send us to the super feminine side and yet give an all white table scape a bit of a facelift.

Here are three easy ways to add a touch of color to your holiday party.


Let the textures be in the color scheme you are wanting to highlight

We created these arrangements in all white and green and allowed the accents of berries to be in blush. This snuck in the color with out overwhelming the color palette. We also added an unexpected blush/copper texture that we then used through out the decor. These sprayed fern were such a beautiful touch that we then manicured for the place settings.



Add a touch of color in your candles

There are so many color palettes that are not able to be created due to availability of flowers, or even quality of the product we receive. Candles are a guaranteed splash a color that can be added with no fuss.



Add a fabric overlay via a table runner of soft fabric that can be placed over the table.

Adding a layer of fabric on top of the linen helps create an ethereal look that we love. It’s soft and romantic and allows us to add that touch of color. For this specific look we bunched up areas while also allowing the fabric to gently hang of either sides, the front and the back.


film photography: the come back kid

When choosing your wedding & event photography there are so many decisions to make and we are not going to pretend we know a 10th of what is important. But when we see something that we love and is a representation of fine art… we will let you know.

Film photography has made a come back ya’ll, and we love it!

There is something so old world, so ethereal about the softness that is unparalleled to anything else I have seen. And one of our favorites in Houston that rocked this shoot is Chrisitne Gosch.


Yes there are some limitations, so find a photographer that will do both digital and film… and boom no more limitations. You’ve actually added another element of art into your day that you will never regret.


For this design concept we wanted to marry the garden style compote with garlands that have been to popular. We deconstructed some flowers and laid them through out the table to style and create a loose floral garland look.

We’ve created this look for rectangle tables and rounds and think that it truly does adds a luxe element. It’s super unexpected and interactive. I think we are all used to having flowers in a vase or garland, but seeing them placed through out the table keeps your guest wanting more.

Am I the only tactile person here? I have to touch that dress I walk by when shopping, and smell the rose on the side of the street. Adding flowers to a table will no doubt have me touching them or adding them into my hair. Let your guests interact, that’s what life is about.


fall colors: adding unexpected tones to your palette

Exploring color is one of the elements of design that we love the most. As much as I have love for neutrals, exploring with new color palettes that are unexpected is very rewarding.

Fall has a tendency to bring all the oranges and yellows out, but adding to those tones is where the magic happens. When we look at nature, Fall leaves have an insane amount of colors that we tend to overlook. With this particular arrangement we tried to add those tones that can be forgotten.

The soft peaches, rusts, and sages add the perfect hues to soften those harsher yellow tones. We also added textures with those colors that keep it interesting and fun. I played with the idea of designing with these colors in a manner that helps move your eye through out the arrangement. I wanted to see if grouping colors will create what is seen in Fall forests. That you see a grouping of all orange trees, then a grouping of red trees all in one glance. It seems like nature is the leader of design.


We used the following blooms to make this arrangement come together:

1) Fall Eucalyptus

2) Ranunculus

3) Field Grown Garden Roses

4) Lisianthus

5) Butterfly Ranunculus

6) Foraged Privett Berries

7) Jasmine

8) Roses

9) Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

I used this clear urn to keep that element simple. As the colors were going to be on the more fussy side I wanted to see what this one would like if we kept the urn less distracting and keeping the focal point on the flowers. This urn is one of my favorites, it is timeless, simple, clean and brings an element of an old world feel that we always love.

Design, Styling and Photography by: Maxit Flower Design

we can't do it alone: having a in-house team and vendor team that rocks, makes a difference


This past weekend, not different than most, reminded me the value of team work. Not only with my team at the studio but the team at the venue. To feel supported, cared for and thought of during the setup from the venue is something that has been elevated by The Revaire. Their team not only thought about how to make all the vendors have an easy load in and load out, they thought of how to keep them safe.


They supply scissor lifts, ladders, easy load in, overnight storage of supplies, set ups starting days before, and breakdown on Monday mornings. But more importantly you feel like you are part of the team. These items and flexibility is what makes each event go smoothly, and feel less rushed.

Breaking down an event on Monday allows us to stay off the roads in the middle of the night. Breaking down an event might be one of the most hazardous elements of our job. My team is tired and have been working 12hr days since Monday morning to make it all come together. By Saturday night everyone is EXHAUSTED!!! Not only are we not at our very best, but lets be real roads at midnight to 4am are not the safest in Houston, Texas. As we have one of the biggest drinking and driving record in the States.

So I tip my hat off to you The Revaire for making us a priority. To make us feel like part of the team. We appreciate you and thank you. And side note, lets see if we can make this breakdown on Monday a thing. For our safety. PLEASE!


Styling, design, floral and photography by Maxit Flower Design.