A Styled Shoot. If you are not in the wedding industry you may wonder what is a styled shoot? Or why wedding vendors can get so excited over creating one for themselves? In short, a styled shoot is the creation of a setting that can be captured photographically and used to display work though various ways. It is typically not a real wedding or event. But it is just as magical!

Over the last 8 years of Maxit Flower Design, we have had the opportunity to work alongside some amazing Houston wedding vendors on various styled shoots. In 2017 we participated in two full scale shoots that were truly once in a lifetime experiences! 


In our studio we chose to participate in styled shoots for a chance to develop and capture the following 5 things that we find to be the most important aspects of styled shoots:

1) Set The Tone For Our Brand.  Your first impression is of utmost importance. What did you think when you saw the first image of Maxit Flower Design? Whether it be on this website or on a social media platform, you get one shot to make a first impression and set the tone. We want the tone that you interpret to be one that is in line with the heart of our company and brand. By styling a styled shoot, we get to ensure that the aesthetic is perfect for us as a brand. 


2) Develop New Design Trends and Possibilities. At Maxit Flower Design, we are always looking to try something new. Looking to develop new tricks to keep up our sleeves and impress our clients with and styled shoots are the perfect 'test run' for these ideas! What is the perfect length of ribbon on a bouquet? What aspects of working with blackberries should we know prior to putting them on a table for a client? Did this experiment work out wonderfully? Or like a scientist, do we need to go back to the drawing board to craft another hypothesis?

3) Showcase Our Work in New Spaces. We cannot guarantee that we book a client who adores the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston the way that we do so getting the amazing opportunity to develop a styled shoot there is the next best thing! Then we get to work there! And capture these amazing images so that our next client, who maybe never thought of utilizing a museum as a venue, would be able to picture what her wonderful day could look like! 

4) Work With New Vendors and Building Relationships. Hands down the best part (besides creating romance from scratch!) is working alongside some amazing hearts that get obsessed about details as much as I do! We have various weddings throughout the year and love getting to see our friends working in their respective businesses but that is work. We are providing the best for our client and it is not a place for chats and hugs. However styled shoots, were we are the clients, we get to talk shop and laugh while we try out those hypothesis we've had! And then the next wedding where a certain element is needed, we know the right person to bring in to the mix so that our clients experience the best possible day.


5) Enjoy Creative Freedom. Styled shoots are not all play. They are just as much work as any wedding or event except that styled shoots are up to us. We get to experiment. Play with color or texture. Test out materials or that crazy idea we have that could look so very cool! And developing styled shoots is something that you have to work on. Some shoots come easier than others but here at Maxit Flower Design, we truly love tackling the challenges that come with the never ending drive to try something new and different for our brides. 


The biggest of all thanks to the following vendors for making these beautiful images possible:

We will post more about this shoot soon so be sure to check back for all the gorgeousness! Cheers! XOXO