Do you have a general direction and inspiration of what you'd like your event to look like and feel like but do not know where to start?  You've looked at Pinterest, but can't fathom how to pull everything together.  So many moving parts, so many vendors to contact... what first?

Contact an Event Planner OR an Event Designer.  Sometimes your venue already has an Event Planner or you'd like to capture the aesthetics of a Event Designer but need the Event Planner to coordinate all elements during the day and many weeks leading up to the event.  My suggestion, do your research and find out what combination of experts will best suit your needs.  Not all Event Planners are Event Designers and not all Event Designers are Event Planners.  Each have their own identity, with equally important rolls to make an amazing, seamless event.

Bellow is a general list of what each does, that might help you decide which route you wish to go.  We all work closely together, and believe me, the magic happens when everyone is involved.

Event Planner "The Manager":

  • Point of Contact for all Vendors and Client
  • Budget Management of the Entire Event
  • Client & Family Management
  • Handling Contract & Payments
  • Vendor & Client Timeline
  • Arrange Travel Needs
  • Day of Event Management
  • Troubleshooting Before/During/After Event

Event Designer "The Artist":

  • Create Personal Brand for your Event
  • Mood Board to Represent Direction
  • Aesthetic Cohesive Design of all Desired Items
  • Procurement of All Items
  • Knowledge of Vendors that have similar aesthetics 
  • CAD drawing of Layout