When choosing your wedding & event photography there are so many decisions to make and we are not going to pretend we know a 10th of what is important. But when we see something that we love and is a representation of fine art… we will let you know.

Film photography has made a come back ya’ll, and we love it!

There is something so old world, so ethereal about the softness that is unparalleled to anything else I have seen. And one of our favorites in Houston that rocked this shoot is Chrisitne Gosch.


Yes there are some limitations, so find a photographer that will do both digital and film… and boom no more limitations. You’ve actually added another element of art into your day that you will never regret.


For this design concept we wanted to marry the garden style compote with garlands that have been to popular. We deconstructed some flowers and laid them through out the table to style and create a loose floral garland look.

We’ve created this look for rectangle tables and rounds and think that it truly does adds a luxe element. It’s super unexpected and interactive. I think we are all used to having flowers in a vase or garland, but seeing them placed through out the table keeps your guest wanting more.

Am I the only tactile person here? I have to touch that dress I walk by when shopping, and smell the rose on the side of the street. Adding flowers to a table will no doubt have me touching them or adding them into my hair. Let your guests interact, that’s what life is about.