As flower designer’s we are familiar with items that are handmade. There is nothing that our client’s receive from us that is not made by our hands. I am not sure if I truly ever thought of our work in that way until I just wrote it. It’s truly amazing if you really think about it.

Every flower was touched by us, every container was hand picked by us. Every single bloom was purposefully chosen for its movement, color, length of stem, texture, line, shape, petal count etc. It’s a process that takes flipping through catalogues, searching scientific names (that I can not seem to ever remember) reaching out to a minimum of 5 different companies and countless websites.

There are days that I fall in love with the process and other days that make me want to quit. It’s not easy and maybe that is why I love it so much. The ordering flower process of our business is one that is never spoken of but probably the most important part of it all.


I look at all handmade items with so much appreciation as I know what it takes to make our own. The dedication and expertise is straight out of one of my all time favorite documentaries Jiro Dreams of Sushi. This documentary highlights Jiro’s life’s work in developing one of the most well known sushi restaurants in the world. All created from dedication, passion and obsession over his trade.

From flowers, to sushi and now to the whole reason I was inspired to write this blog post… this handmade vessel. This one in the image bellow. Abbie from Box Sparrow creates the most gorgeous ceramic pieces and we honor her today with this arrangement. She created this vessel and we have fallen madly deeply in love with it and can only imagine the dedication in selecting all the materials, and the time it took to make this. You would never know a person made this as it has been made with expertise only a machine could replicate.


Can we take a little moment to enjoy all these gorgeous blooms from Mayesh? We are so thankful they dare to bring in material to help us explore with different material. Flowers we incorporated in this highly textured piece are: helleborus, begonia, garden roses, lisianthus, snowberries, carnations, smilax, and blackberry greenery.