Coming off a high from a huge, GORGEOUS event we produced, we had the privilege of working alongside our friends and their new venture, J'Adore Events at their open house. 

The event was held at Station 3; an old historic fire station and featured vendors from all over the Houston area. (Side note: I guarantee these said vendors think we are crazy. We had so much fun laughing at ourselves during set up, I'm surprised they didn't say something to us. More to that story below.)

We were specifically tasked with creating a space filled with florals that presented "Boho Chic" to all of the guests. We designed a statement piece featuring tons of greenery and flowers. It created the illusion of flowers floating gracefully above guests head. We purposely wanted the installation to be insanely full and extravagant. Some of the flowers we used were:

  • Viburnum
  • Garden Roses
  • Orange Roses
  • Magenta Ranunculus
  • Coral Peonies
  • White Hydrangea
  • Orange Tulips
  • White & Blush Spray Roses
Floating flowers installation created by Maxit Flower Design in Houston, TX. 

Floating flowers installation created by Maxit Flower Design in Houston, TX. 

Some of the details of our little corner of boho paradise featured things like loose blooms at each place setting, a floral wrap around the cake, a bouquet wrapped in butcher paper, chair garland for the Newlyweds and a flower crown for the gorgeous dress mannequin. We absolutely love to work that creative muscle and produce things just for the fun of it! ( While we love our clients vision, sometimes its nice to have complete creative freedom.) 

Real life advice: NEVER WEAR JEANS TO WORK. Unfortunately, Maria had to learn this lesson the hard way.....We knew there would be a ton of people setting up for the open house, so we planned ahead and packed our carts in case we couldn't get a close parking spot. Thank goodness we did, because we ended up probably 2 blocks from the venue. So, were loading up the carts and making trips with the flowers. Again, the venue was PACKED with people working hard, so instead of clogging up the space we left our carts outside and unloaded them from the sidewalk. Well, apparently when we were inside one of our carts decided to escape down the sidewalk and into the street. (LUCKILY, there were no vehicles driving at the time.) In the midst of panic and uncontrollable laughter, Maria rushed into the street to grab the half full cart- consequently, tearing her pants during the rescue. Sacrifices, amiright? This of course caused even more belly laughing and ripping. To make a long story short, the rest of set-up was quite an awkward comedic show. From that day forward: new company policy is no jeans allowed at set-up! Always remember the great Blowout of 2017.

Anyways, on top of getting to play with J'Adore and the blowout, we got to create a beautiful arrangement for Cotton Weddings' booth in the vendor lounge. Michelle reached out to us and asked for something "simple, organic and white & greenery". (Pretty much our signature brand, score!) We also hooked them up with some smilax to dress up their literally left them a bale of smilax. (Ha!)  Check out how they styled our flowers:

** All images are courtesy of Cotton Weddings. **