We've been seeing a fun trend that we LOVE and must highlight.  PAMPAS GRASS!!! 

The lovely blooms are the most gorgeous puffy grass that can add so much movement to an event.  This color is like nothing else in the repertoire of flowers that we have available to us. 

How do we use it?  From anything from boutonnieres, to bouquets to corsages these blooms offer large blooms as well as little small wisps that can be incorporated to anything.  

And to give it even more reason to love it, there is a lovely region in Argentina (my home country) that is known as the Pampas. This is where these gorgeous grasses originated from and have a large presence in that area.  

These bad boys can grow to anywhere from 6 feet to as tall as 13 feet tall!!! They are beauties like no other.  I have not personally gone to cut them, but rumor has it that the grass surrounding the bloom is sharp and very difficult to deal with, so take caution before you go foraging.

Let's get back to that 13 foot tall branch!! This has me day dreaming of an insane tall entry urn of nothing but pampas grass?  Anyone?! And please note, you guys, just because they are grass does not make them cheap! Oy vey! What a misconception!!  Grasses and greenery, can be deceivingly expensive. Why?  Because they don't have that gorgeous bloom that we are ok with spending money on.  It's JUST green.  

Well guys, someone is still growing it on their property, watering it, pruning it, and then cutting it and processing it for us.  This costs money, time and lots of labor.  One 3 foot stem of pampas will run you $4.50.  A STEM.  But don't fret, they have a great bang for the buck.  

Keep an eye out for the event we did with this arrangement bellow! We added those pampas blooms and so many more goodies for a gorgeous back yard affair.