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At Home Wedding

at home wedding

This weekend we got spoiled with two adorable at home weddings. These intimate affairs are some of my favorites.  The comfort of the bride and the family help create some of the most adorable images. To decorate someone's private home is such a privilege.  To be invited in to someone's private space, and to be trusted with their home is one of my favorite parts of the job.

No two people live the same, but everyone who invites me in seems to have one thing in common.  Their love for flowers is always noticeable, they always have some of the most gorgeous gardens.  I even had the fortune of having a client ask me to create arrangements from their garden!! As you can tell by those exclamation marks, it's one of my all time favorite things to do.  Using what you've worked so hard on to grow and then allow me to create an arrangement from those gorgeous blooms... ahhh... sheer bliss.

Any who... these are some pics from this past weekend.  Enjoy!

Spring Wedding Flowers
Spring Home Wedding, Maxit Flower Design
Spring Houston Wedding Flowers, Maxit Flower Design
Fireplace Mantel Flowers, Maxit Flower Design