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spontaneous is still our favorite


When working with other small businesses and creatives, spontaneous events are not only the easiest but necessary.  When one of our all time favorite photographers reached out for a couple quick items to promote their new clothing line, Saltflat, we were excited to dive right in to make something to help highlight their new items. 

We love our fellow business creatives and creating for them makes our hearts sing with joy.  We know the struggle and the hard work in maintaining your own small business and helping them along the way might be one of the more important things we do.

To combine another amazing element to the mix, the model Kailey is also part owner of Saltflat and is rocking other businesses as well.  You guys she is a girl boss if I ever saw one. And to make it even better, she is the kindest, sweetest lady you could ever meet.


So did you notice that gorgeous make up and hair, well that is my girl Kailey rocking it. Let me tell you, she just started her own company helping other women with their hair and make up too... you have to check her out Etoilly Artistry


Not impressed yet, go check her and her sister out at their blog called Double Shot of Sass. Now do you see what I meant?  She is on fire and love how she follows her passion no matter where she goes, the hustle is real.

And let's not forget how brilliant Ling Wang is.... she surrounds herself with the hardest working visionaries of Houston and couldn't be more proud to be in her inner circle of friends that help each other along the way.  Thank you friends, can't wait to create more spontaneous shoots with you.  They are clearly becoming my favorite! XOXO Maria Maxit

it's going to be a fun one

We've slowly been receiving product day by day for a very fun wedding we will be having this weekend.  Blush and white have seen it's day.  I love traditional wedding, they truly have a special place in my heart as I am a very simple person.  BUT, what designer doesn't LOVE to be challenged with their design.  For the past couple of month we have had the pleasure of working with the hardest working nurse we know.  And she happens to have the most adorable name, Dannie! 

She exemplifies this fun loving name to the T.  We met once and she trusted me from the get-go. Every designers dream job.  So now here it is, her wedding is this weekend and we couldn't be more excited about creating something gorgeous for her.

Today we share a little sneak peak of what is to come....

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