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we are as good as our product

We are obsessed with flowers, literally everything about flowers makes us happy.  And without fail, one of the best parts is when different seasons bring it's respective blooms. It feels like Christmas.  

 And as excited as all of us are, there is a weird apprehension in discussing varieties as we do not promise flowers under any circumstances.  Mother Nature can be pretty tricky to work with, through the 12 years I have been in the business, I have learned the hard way, that you sell a design concept not a flower.  A very small percentage of flowers grow in a weather controlled green houses. Only these can be predicted, but as you can image these are the pricy ones. So all the other rock star flowers are much more unpredictable and create a situation that is not inviting to promising our client that variety. 

Nonetheless, we love new arrivals, and I will try my hardest to share more of them as much as I can.  Today's little rockstar is Hydrangea TarDiva, they come from Wisconsin.  They have a short growing season, but the little time they are around they truly make their presence known. At about $10 dollars a stem, they get pricey, but we believe they are the perfect touch to a romantic bouquet or even the perfect centerpiece.

Pink Hydrangea by Maxit Flower Design