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let's get woo woo

When I worked at my last "job" in a cute little flower shop over 9 years ago, I knew I wanted to start my own business.  Not because I REALLY wanted to, but because where I wanted to work, didn't exist.  So I created it.

During that time at the last flower shop, there was this gorgeous woman who frequented the shop. She was intelligent, fierce, decisive and carried herself like a queen. I was immediately drawn to her. She questioned my motivation to be working at a low level paying job with a VERY difficult boss. As perplexing it was at the time, as my boss was beyond manageable, I explained my motivation and she got it.  

After that point, she motivated me with kind, but firm words. She told me I could do it, and I believed her. 

That was over 9 years ago, at least that's my best estimated guess. This past Spring I met with a bride, her mom and the event planner.  I for a moment recognized the mom (Ms. Kaldis), but what you don't know is that I have a horrible tendency to think I know someone that I really don't.  After MANY embarrassing moments, I've given up on the idea that I "recognize" anyone.

In our last meeting to review everything, Ms. Kaldis mentioned that she lived in the community directly next to the flower shop I used to work in. So I quickly mentioned if she ever went to that flower shop.  After a few words, it was confirmed, it was her.  I could have cried, shouted, and just died right there out of sheer joy.  The stars aligned.

This is what we created for her gorgeous daughter, Alex's wedding.

Greek Orthadox Chruch Houston Maxit Flower Design Coral Wedding.png