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when the trees bloom

We felt trusted and honored by this sweet family.  The Hinds & Nguyen families were some of the most gracious, fun loving clients we have had.  They trusted our process and let us run with their vision.  We designed and styled their wedding to be a true reflection of who they are.  Fun, romantic, kind, and ethereal.

We helped welcome the guest in with a gorgeous calligraphy sign with a light floral garland.  Meredith loved eucalyptus and one of our favorite garlands to make are made out of eucalyptus.  The movement we get from those garlands create a look like no other.  Once the guests turned the corner they continued to see gorgeous flowers styled through out.  

We used our collection of handmade ivory ceramic compotes to create garden style arrangement that complimented the aesthetics of the space and the client.  These two things (the client and the space) are some of the most important factors that we take into consideration for our design. And we truly believe when our clients have these things at the forefront of their vision, we all create some of the more spectacular events.


Gorgeous details of this arch taken by the super talented Hannah Mason Photography.  You guys, she is brilliant! Smilax vine was at it's prime season and we wanted to make sure we showcased that gorgeous vine at the altar.  Even though the ceremony was short, we try our best to make this a place that is sweet, and well thought out.  

Taking advantage of the gorgeous venue, Chandelier Grove's, natural beauty we went with fabric to help decorate the arch.  Styling this gorgeous wood arch with a combination of flowers, greens and fabric truly pulled together everything that was then going to be showcased at the reception.  We know this space so well and truly love decorating outdoor spaces.  The movement that we get from the wind is just so beautiful.


Can we pause here for a moment.  Hannah captures these types of moments perfectly.  The moments of those glances that we all want to last a lifetime. WOW!


This urn is one of my favorite pieces we cary. I have been searching for more that resemble this one for a while now with out any luck.  It can truly be styled with such a huge variety of colors and flowers and has always been a client favorite... and we totally know why.  Readers, if you know where I can find another... shot me an email.


We were asked for the first time to create a flower girl wand.  Because every young girl should live out her flower girl fantasies. How stinking adorable is this! 

Special thanks to Jennifer Lowrance of Jlow Events.  You guys she is such a gem. And Stacey at Chandelier Grove, someone so passionate and loving to open a space as gorgeous as hers.

amongst the events

We at Maxit Flower Design are known for our wedding flowers and event flowers, but on occasion we collaborate with other creatives to build our stock images and social media goodies. A couple months ago we collaborated with the very talented Hibiscus Linens to help her with such images.  Her amazing photographer caught her products and our florals just spectacularly.  

These crisp, clean images are something to definitely swoon over and I couldn't be more excited to finally share these! 

Stock Images Maxit Flower Design, Debora Smail, Hibiscus Linens, Houston Texas
Stock Images Maxit Flower, Design Debora, Smail Hibiscus Linens, Houston, Texas
Stock Images Maxit Flower, Design Debora, Smail Hibiscus Linens, Houston, Texas
Stock Images Maxit Flower, Design Debora, Smail Hibiscus Linens, Houston, Texas

private design session

We couldn't be more excited than to have been contacted to create a day full of design and photography.  Julia, a bubbly, sweet and very talented business owner from Brazil, reached out to us to give her some secrets of the trade. She was looking to extend her knowledge base and learn a more garden based technique that is so very popular these days and proudly, Maxit Flower Design's signature design.  

So off we went, spending the whole day reviewing techniques on boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets, centerpieces and much more.  We took a break for lunch and had Kendall Hannah met us to style and photograph our work from the day.  Bellow are some of the amazing pics she captured.  After the full day of designing, I knew this was exactly what we needed to capture the day.  A super talented photographer to capture it all.  

We are even more excited to add this to the services we offer.  Please shoot us an email if you are interested in learning more about our one-on-one sessions.

All photography bellow by: Kendall Hannah 

Centerpiece - Private Flower Design Session, Maxit Flower Design
Bridal Bouquet fLower design session, Maxit Flower Design
Julia - Private Flower Design Class, Maxit Flower Design
Maxit Flower Design, Private Design Session
Maxit Flower Design, Private Design Session
Maxit Flower Design, Private Design Session


Julia and Maria Maxit

Julia and Maria Maxit

One-on-One Private Session Maxit Flower Design
Flower Garland - Private Design Session, Maxit Flower Design
Kristen, Julia and Maria Maxit

Kristen, Julia and Maria Maxit

The sweet Kristen came and assisted me for the day.  She has been the most amazing addition to our team.  More on her later...

oh my!

How amazing is this sneak peak of a recent wedding we did in Brennan's of Houston?  This photographer has slowly made her mark in the Houston wedding scene and I have absolutely loved watching her business grow.  She has the most amazing, feminine eye that captures the bashful, hearts shooting out of her eyes, in love, gushy side of a woman that no man can capture.  She's a gem for the wedding community and only hope more of my brides book her before she is fully booked for her 2016 season.  Go take a look at more of her work HERE.

Elisheva Golani Photography; Maxit Flower Design styling and flowers

allie & adam

After several days of rain, Houston skies opened up and gave us one of the most gorgeous days we have had this year.  And it couldn't have happened at a better moment that to make this day just perfect for the sweetest of couples! 

Allie has been the sweetest bride to work with and has truly trusted that our design capabilities would come together with her vision to create something she would love.  Her heart was full of love and her mother was exactly the same.  Super gracious, polite, trusting and truly a gem of a client.  They are dream clients and I could't have been more excited to have been chosen as their flower designer!

We are super thrilled to share some of the first pictures released by their photographer.  She and her hubby look like they could explode in hearts and sunshine.  We loved worked with them and only hope that they will have yearly anniversary parties that we can be a part of.

The Grove Houston, Agape Photography, Houston Wedding Florist, Maxit Flower Design
The Grove Houston, Agape Photography, Houston Wedding Florist, Maxit Flower Design
The Grove Houston, Agape Photography, Houston Wedding Florist, Maxit Flower Design

a simple thank you

There are those times that a simple 'thank you' can make you cry.  I've been running around like a mad woman lately trying to make everything work.  Trying to get everything in order, answering emails, phone calls, attending meetings, walk throughs, creating proposals, future potentials possibilities.... the list could fill this whole blog post and bore us all to death.

After providing florals for the Hailie and Kendall of The White Buffalo Project this past week they handing me a sweet little package and inside I found this print! It brought tears to my eyes.   It was just something I needed to hear and something I needed right at that moment.  We can go through our lives working our days away and through all this, feeling totally under appreciated.  

Women! You truly make the world go round.  Giving your love, appreciation and kindness can propel someone's day, life and business to be something it wasn't just that moment before. Spread it around, everywhere, whenever you can, however you can... just do it.

You are so Loved Print, Maxit Flower Design
You are So Loved Print, Maxit Flower Design
You are so Loved Print, Maxit Flower Design

a little more about the buffaloes

Meet Kendall Hanna! She's an adorable, high-energy, fun-loving photographer and all thing creative! I am so excited to partner up with her with one of her more recent projects, The White Buffalo Project.  But what I would like to chat about today is that she is also a photographer.  Houston!! Take advantage of this talented lady, free spirit and contagious energy and see what she can do for you.  For now I will revel in the fact that we will be collaborating in some future projects together and combining or love for community to get WBP rolling.  So go check her out and stay tuned to some more fun pics from her!!

these flowers!

How gorgeous are these flowers! This weekend's bride has impeccable taste and we are bursting at the seems to see all this gorgeousness come to life.  After processing most of the flowers yesterday, I began to fall in love with these beauties.  The quality is just insane! We couldn't feel more lucky to have found some of the most amazing, hard working flower brokers in Houston.  They truly take care of us and I couldn't be more grateful for everything they do for us.


What amazingly fun news I received today.  I got invited to take part of one of the most gorgeous and prestigious floral events I have ever been to, Florescence, a national competitive Houston flower show sanctioned by the Garden Club of America.

The purpose of a flower show is threefold: to set standards of artistic and horticultural excellence; to broaden knowledge of horticulture, floral design, conservation, photography and other related areas; and to share the beauty of a show with fellow club members and with the public.

The Garden Club of America Flower Show and Judging Guide, 2014 Edition

For the last 10 years I have looked forward to this biennial event,  I attended eagerly to see the amazing designs and the gorgeously crafted botanical specimens.  It is one of the most gorgeous things that I have seen and incredibly underrated.  If it weren't for one of my co-worker many years ago introducing me to the event, I would have never known.  So in effort to bring attention to this gorgeous event I here write to introduce you to Florescence.  And the images are all images I took of the event several years back.  Meanwhile dreaming of the one day I would get a chance to be involved.  And the day finally arrived!! Eek!


Florescence Houston
Florescence Houston
Florescence Houston Tx

For more information:  Go to their website HERE. Hope to see you there! April 2015. 

getting ready

We are getting ready for our next couple floral design workshops and couldn't be more excited at all the incoming requests and interest. Thank you!!  We had a blast at your last one and are thrilled to continue offering these classes to our fellow flower lovers.

Please email us with any suggestions or requests as we would love to cater any classes to our guests desires.  Special thanks to Sugar and Cloth for hosting our first floral design class and to Relish Wilmot Photography for the amazing shots, seen bellow.  

Houston Flower Design Workshop; Maxit Flower Design and Sugar & Cloth
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Aelish Wilmot Photography
Houston Flower Workshop, Maxit Flower Design, Sugar and Cloth