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Today we had the pleasure of meeting with one of our spring brides for a quick meeting to show her a mock up for her wedding.  I love creating these as you see the client's face light up, their vision is coming to reality and you can tell that's one of the moments it hits them.  This bride is creating a very fun look with a variety of different element in an outdoor space.  Her colors are turquoise, blush gold and white.  

I must admit that there is a little bit of anxiety that comes with a mock-up, as this is the first time you are showing your work to your client.  You are showing that everything you've discussed has been understood.  There is a sense of vulnerability that only an artist can understand.  It's almost as if you are giving your first big speech in your High-School Speech class.  You've poured your heart out and now the pause... a little bit of silence... and then you wait for the critique.  

So... she loved them! Our mock-up was a success.  

Blush, whie and green Houston Wedding, The Grove 2.JPG