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so this

I think I officially became a Ninja Flower Designer! It happened.  And I am proud of it.  Yesterday I was fiddling around the internet as I began working on this week's proposals and this happened...

Maxit Flower Design Ninja Scissors

I clicked, I ordered and like magic the ninja fairies came through the chimney and dropped of this wonderful package with an amazing set of ninja clippers.  I can only imagine what unbelievable things will be created with this insane product.  Seriously though, it's kinda what happened.  

After a night of working through proposals I came across this bad boy and couldn't resist.  As flower designers we will try any clipper we see.  The fancier the better, and slap some Japanese lettering and I am in!! So I purchased this with the excuse that it was my birthday today and so far so good.  I am liking it.  The ultimate, ninja challenge will be a day's worth of work, we will have to see what happens then.