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top 3 ways to make your home wedding amazing

We are seeing an uptick on home weddings are we are loving it! I have yet to enjoy a wedding more that the first time I attended an at-home wedding.  There is an intimacy that can not be replicated anywhere else.  As a guest, I felt so privileged and loved being able to attend such a special moment in their space.

After creating some home weddings we wanted to give a few tips to help those needing inspiration.  There are endless ideas, but we found these to be the most memorable and impactful. Enjoy!

1) Find Special Places

Find those places in your home that you love.  It doesn't have to be a big space, but it has to be special. This particular wedding had a side room off their kitchen that was a lounge, seating area.  We moved the furniture out of the way, and created a altar type area where the couple got married. This is hands down still one of my favorite ceremony spaces we have ever decorated.  The intimacy of the space is unparalleled to any other I have ever seen.

2) Incorporate Special Items

You're at home, take advantage of it.  This Bride's father owns a car dealership and is fascinated by cars.  Therefor you can imagine that it would mean so much to him to incorporate some of the items he loves into his daughter's wedding. His passion added such a special touch to their day.

3) Splurge on the Details

Yes flowers in your pool is not an every day thing and neither is getting married.  Splurge! You are saving on your location spend a little on those dreamy moments that are only possible at home. And my gosh you can later frame these images as even the image of just the roses in the water is so dreamy.

Have you ever thought of getting married at home?  If you have give us a call, we would love to walk your space with you and give you even more tips on how to make impact statements and adorn the space with flowers that are unforgettable.