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one wedding two installations

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be able to install two different small installations for one of our amazing 2015 brides.  I love installing flower arrangements! This gives us the opportunity to bring flowers to a venue and create the arrangement right on sight.  When enough time for setup is offered, I prefer going this route.

Of course we can not possibly create everything on site, but the photos bellow will show you two simple installations that I thought were very appropriate for the occasion.  The first one was a long garland.  I knew that the table size was still being decided and therefor I did not want to create something before hand and create something that was too big or too small for the table.  My intuition served me well.  The tables that were originally set did not work with the linens and needed to be switched  a couple hours before our event.  

And the last image was something a little less tricky but the vases were provided by the venue and they did not permit water to be added.  So the flowers needed to sit in water as long as possible until the event.  Everything worked out perfectly... take a look at what we created!