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from our view: taking photographs of our own work

As my team grows, new possibilities arise. Time frees up and working 18 hr days is a thing of the past. Phew!! Enter photography, one of my side passions that keeps me inspired and busy when I am not designing flowers or working on this business.

I believe that WE can only capture our work in a way that best represents us. We work with some of the most amazing photographers and they truly do an amazing job photographing our work. And just like all photographers photograph differently, they all see things differently as well. What I love about my arrangement is not what they love, the flower that took me years to source is only another rose in their eyes.

There is no way to fully communicate to them all the intricacies of the design. The textures that you finally got your hands on, the fact that the arrangement has a front and a back, the container having a small chip…. it’s endless and they would think I was crazy if I told them everything.

So after many years of thinking this through I realized that I had to learn the art of photography. Practice, practice, practice and get to shooting my work the way I wanted it to look. Catching all those little items that I love through my lens.

Here is a series of images from a design session where I did the styling, the arrangement and the photography. Let me know what you think:

Maxit-Flower-Design-Styling-Flowers-On-Table-Wedding-Event-Florist- Crab-Apples.png