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fresh winter colors

Ever wonder how to incorporate winter colors to your event without doing the typically all too seen color schemes; red/white/green or the white/silver?  Well we created a design board to help your creative juices flowing.  After yesterday's photo shoot, we got inspired!! Combining natures winter colors of browns with neutrals, gold and blush can help keep it fresh, light and still in season.

Our trick to combining these browns and neutrals in the florals was to bring in magnolia leaves, christmas bush, and wild grasses. We added a blush Quicksand rose and many other textures to compliment those colors, but tried to stay as neutral as possible.  The muted colors of winter can be accented with gold containers, candles, and dish wear to bring a more sophisticated tone.

Thanks to Candice from Lots of Lovely and Alicia Pyne from Alicia Pyne Photography  for reaching out to me to provide the florals for the shoot.  These were their inspiration and was more than happy to make this come to life.  I can't to see the images as everything was absolutely gorgeous.