Your big day. You spend months, possibly years planning for it. It's perfect. From the details of your dress, to his tie, to the perfect music and the romantic florals. You are committing yourself to your favorite person in the world. In front of the rest of your favorite friends and family. You soak up every single moment as the day progresses...and yet it goes by in such a flash! 

Photographers have the amazing ability to capture the joyous day for brides and grooms to decorate their homes with and fondly remember their day. They are definitely worth investing in.

And then we have videographers! Something that used to be a grainy-VHS-version of your Aunt's wedding where you were once a flower girl has evolved into a cinematic encapsulation of your big day! Complete with the sounds and goosebumps that made your day so perfect. 

So what three reasons are there that you should include hiring a videographer for your wedding?

  1. It documents the love, vows, and joy-filled moments between your and your significant other in a beautifully cut and edited way. Plus it captures the great dance moves of your crazy Uncle Bob for all eternity!
  2. You can share the link with all your friends and family! That way those that were unable to make it can still experience the wonderful day you committed to your favorite person. Plus your children will be able to experience the day - even if they don't arrive for years afterwards!
  3. You can relive the entire day whenever you please! Every anniversary? Every Friday night? It is yours to watch and reminisce whenever your heart desires!

Convinced yet? Just check out this video below! Created by Brittan Pittman of our lovely couple Julie & Josh from their Chandelier Grove wedding! Cue the goosebumps and teary eyes right?! 

So now you are convinced! A videographer is definitely something worth working into your plan for the happiest day of your life.

And on the above wedding - We absolutely loved crafting the florals for Julie & Josh's big day! The decor we placed on the ceremony arch has been one of our most requested items to date! You can find more beautiful details from their day in photographic form on our Portfolio here! Cheers! XOXO